Getting Ready

Getting ready for Ironman California, Oceanside 70.3. I dedicate my training to my father, Juan aka "Tony", who passed away 2 months ago from a heart attack related to type 2 diabetes. I have never done a half-iron triathlon distance before, but I know with the motivation of doing this for a cause will help me reach the goal and deal with the loss. Whenever I exercise, I feel better, and I don't want to lose the habit by falling into a slump. Setting an ambitious goal will help me stay focused.

My dad was there to teach me how to ride a bike, and always made sure that I had one to ride. I will ride 56 miles on April 2nd after swimming 1.2 miles, then run a half marathon to the finish.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month


naomi said…
What a special inspiration for you. Best of luck with the race.
Philip McCobb said…
Best of luck Rene. I know with the inspiration you have provided for yourself, you'll have an amazing race.

Kill it!
Jo Lynn said…
Awesome! That will be very special - every stroke, pedal, and step of the way (including the training). ;)
fuzzbuzz said…
Dad is smiling down on you and is proud. He'll be with you every step of the way sis!
I have also been exercising to not fall into a slump, feeling my heart beat with an invigorating run makes me happy to be alive.
We're rooting for you! <3
TCB said…
Dad is proud and will see you through this, just like at the science fair he is so very proud of you always!

Love you Rene!
triblog carol said…
You can do it! What a wonderful way to remember your father!
chris mcpeake said…
good luck with your training
Thomas said…
I will be cheering you on in spirit and from afar. Best of luck and have a great race. Your father will be watching proudly from above.
RenĂ© said…
Thanks for the words of encouragement everybody!

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