End of Year Recap

2010 Races & Events

KP Half Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, Grizzly Peak Century, Bay to Breakers 12k, WWS Alcatraz Crossing #3, PCTR Mt. Diablo Trail Run 25k, Golden Gate Triathlon Oly, San Francisco Triathlon Oly, San Francisco Marathon*, Run Wild for a Child 10k*, WWS Run A Mile and Swim, SERC Run Jump Swim, Supermarket Street Sweep

Volunteered at several events (PCTR Headlands 50, Sunday Streets)


Distance / Miles:
Run: 1003
Bike: 1102
Swim: 76
Bike to Work: 2000

It's been a bittersweet year, reaching milestones but at the same time deeply suffering losses. This is life, and I'm glad I get to experience it. Love is healing and Endurance is my therapy.

It is interesting to go back and read what my fitness goals were last year and see how it turned out. So for next year, finish a good 70.3 for my dad with life in balance is enough. The plan: Get the swim done no wetsuit in 1 hr (no wetsuit =improved T1 transition time), keep up the intensity for on the bike for 3.5 hrs, and still get my half marathon time under 2 hours at the end.

1000 miles

Today I logged my 1,000 mile of running for the year. I had wanted to do that last year and it didn't happen, so glad I could make it happen this year. It's nice to be outside running, especially on the Coastal Trail when the weather is nice. I had great company today: JoLynn & Boomer!

Boomer ran up the stairs without slowing down! This is how I aspire to be!

Happy New Year!


Holiday Renewal

I love aromatherapy and am celebrate the holidays with some ORGANIC herbal spa treatment! There is nothing like coming back from a hard run, long bike ride or cold swim and jump into the bath. I made them as gifts this year and wanted to share the recipes. Enjoy!

Coconut Gardenia Body Butter - Coconut oil, Olive, Jojoba, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Cinnamon & Gardenia. Gently melt 1 cup coconut oil. Add 1/3 cup olive oil combined with jojoba oil (the base). Add a few drops of the other oils to your liking (10 drops of each and 20 drops of your dominant fragrance). As it cools will become solidified. Pour it into easy to access container.

DIY Sports Balm
- using the base above plus essential oils combo of ginger, cypress, cinnamon, & eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, menthol, and/or camphor. If you don't like that mediciney smell leave out the menthol and camphor*.

*Just as some herbs can interfere with medications you are taking, some essential oils may interfere with homeopathic remedies so you have to research them.

Lemongrass Conditioning Hair Spritzer
- Nettle, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Lemongrass. Make a pot of nettle and chamomile tea. Add the same quantity of aloe vera gel to the mix to double it. Add a TBSP sweet almond oil and jojoba or less, depending on how moisturizing you want it. Soy lecithin can also be added in the blender to thicken and add protein (Make sure it is organic non-GMO soy). Then add a few drops of the essential oils (10 drops of each and 20 drops of your dominant fragrance). This can be used as a leave-in moisturizing treatment or frizz control. I also use it for my dog's hot spots - it works GREAT!

Sparkling Bath Hearts - Made with epsom salts, essential oils of lavender or eucalyptus & natural food coloring. I added a little water to the mix and pressed into molds, then let it dry and set.

Coffee Sugar Scrub
- This is great after a hot bath to soothe dry skin and also wakes up the face: one cup freshly used coffee grinds, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 T jojoba oil, and a few drops of your favorite essence. My skin never felt so soft until I tried this. Olive oil and lavender also work well with this.

I use Eucalyptus alot this time of year and in training. It really wakes you up and clears the airways. Put a few drops on your wristband for running with congestion. Take a few sniffs every now and then as a pick me up to get you through the last couple of miles. It really works!


Homemade Aloe Vera Lotion

25 Essential Oils



I made this great horchata from rice, quinoa and almonds and it so good I must share! By adding nutmeg, makes a healthy makeover of egg-nog.

1/2 cup rice
1/2 cup oats
1 cup almonds
1 cup quinoa
1 stick cinnamon
8 cups of boiled water
1/2 cup sugar or sweetener ( I use organic evaporated cane juice)
vanilla extract & nutmeg

Grind the first 4 ingredients together in a coffee grinder or food processor until fine. There is no need to blanch the almonds because it's all going to get strained. Put into a large pot.

Add 8 cups of the boiled water and and let sit overnight or while you are at work all day.

Then blend for 3-5 minutes in the blender. It may not fit into the blender all at once you will need to do 2 batches.

Pour the horchata through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove the pulp. Save the pulp for other recipes or to add to cereal, etc.

Add sweetener of your choice, dash of vanilla extract and nutmeg(optional)

Will make about a liter of delicious protein rich horchata! Great for after running! Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Cinnamon
Almond Nutrition Data

Quinoa Nutrition Data

Almond pulp recipe: Raw Cinnamon Rolls


Week 5

Rain. My long run is not happening. I'm not going to worry about it because I felt really in the zone this week. Been doing lot of bike and some swimming. I've never trained with this kind of intensity on the bike before. There will be time. I really love the KRANKcycle workout. I think it has potential not just for strength training but helping me with fluid steady pace swim strokes.

The year is almost over. The great thing about being active is not having to make the "get fit" resolution for the new year. Been there done that! Hope everyone is having a great holiday and live life to the fullest!


Getting Something off my Chest

Remember breast cancer awareness month? Well,since I turned 40 I went in for a mammogram, and they found some benign activity and wanted me to come back for more xrays. Turns out I have a cluster of "microcalcifications" or whatevers in a certain spot. The thing is it is right where my heavy messenger bag crosses my chest, so I'm thinking it's just some chronic pressure on my booby. I switched over to backpack and will go back in 5 months for a diagnostic. Thanks for letting me share and get that off my chest ;-).

My essaic tea recipe, just in case: Red Clover, Chapparal (occasionally), Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Dandelion Root, Licorice, Butchers Broom and Burdock. Hibiscus, Ginger and Anise make it taste better.

Take kelp or miso soup twice weekly and especially around x-ray time to counter the radiation.

UPDATE June 2011: Everything turned out fine!

Week 4

This was a scaled back week. I found out my aunt passed away on Friday and wasn't feeling up to long bike or long run. RIP auntie A...

It triggered my anxiety and mourning and I had trouble eating and sleeping, so I coped by going into holiday elf mode, making gifts for my peeps. I swam in the bay which always makes things better.


Supermarket Street Sweep

This weekend's big event was the Supermarket Street Sweep to benefit the San Francisco Food Bank. Cyclists rode all over the city to buy food and haul it back to the food bank within an alloted time. There were prizes for speed and weight of cargo. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad it didn't rain that much! I posted more details onto the photos and daily mile recap.

Supermarket Street Sweep

Week 3 is going good. I feel pretty tired right about now! It's raining pretty hard so put off the run. The swim in the cold water was just what I needed.
Swimming in December
I started doing the speedwork this week and so backed off on the strength training a little. The one thing that always gets me about triathlon training is how to do a long bike ride and a long run in one weekend. I always have trouble doing both. I guess the secret is to go to bed at 6pm or something.

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