Getting Something off my Chest

Remember breast cancer awareness month? Well,since I turned 40 I went in for a mammogram, and they found some benign activity and wanted me to come back for more xrays. Turns out I have a cluster of "microcalcifications" or whatevers in a certain spot. The thing is it is right where my heavy messenger bag crosses my chest, so I'm thinking it's just some chronic pressure on my booby. I switched over to backpack and will go back in 5 months for a diagnostic. Thanks for letting me share and get that off my chest ;-).

My essaic tea recipe, just in case: Red Clover, Chapparal (occasionally), Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Dandelion Root, Licorice, Butchers Broom and Burdock. Hibiscus, Ginger and Anise make it taste better.

Take kelp or miso soup twice weekly and especially around x-ray time to counter the radiation.

UPDATE June 2011: Everything turned out fine!


Jo Lynn said...

I hope you're not too worried about it.
I keep forgetting you turned 40. You just don't look anywhere near that! ;)

René said...

Thanks Jo Lynn! At least I'll be in tri-training mode and will have something else to focus on.

monica said...

it's always good to 'talk' to people. I always feel better afterwards. I'm sure it's nothing serious. keep us posted.

The Green Girl said...

Pleas keep us posted, girl. ::hugs::

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