I made this great horchata from rice, quinoa and almonds and it so good I must share! By adding nutmeg, makes a healthy makeover of egg-nog.

1/2 cup rice
1/2 cup oats
1 cup almonds
1 cup quinoa
1 stick cinnamon
8 cups of boiled water
1/2 cup sugar or sweetener ( I use organic evaporated cane juice)
vanilla extract & nutmeg

Grind the first 4 ingredients together in a coffee grinder or food processor until fine. There is no need to blanch the almonds because it's all going to get strained. Put into a large pot.

Add 8 cups of the boiled water and and let sit overnight or while you are at work all day.

Then blend for 3-5 minutes in the blender. It may not fit into the blender all at once you will need to do 2 batches.

Pour the horchata through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove the pulp. Save the pulp for other recipes or to add to cereal, etc.

Add sweetener of your choice, dash of vanilla extract and nutmeg(optional)

Will make about a liter of delicious protein rich horchata! Great for after running! Enjoy!

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René said...

I made a yummy raw cookie with the pulp: mix it with peanut or almond butter, honey, flax seeds and home made granola. Roll into balls and roll those in shredded coconut!

René said...

ground flax seeds that is! helps everything stick together.

The Green Girl said...

Wow, I am going to have to try this - I love horchata!

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