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2011 Recap

WWS Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park Swim

KP Half Marathon*

SERC Pier 39 Birthday Swim

Ironman California Oceanside 70.3

SERC Run, Jump and Swim (12th place)

Sacramento International Triathlon* (Olympic)

Alcatraz crossings 2

SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k (x 2)

San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz (Olympic)

Stinson Beach Marathon

DSE Embarcadero 10k* (3rd place, women)

Dallas White Rock Marathon* and Mayors Race 5k

volunteered at Water World Swim



Run: 846 miles

Bike: 3164 miles (1960 bike commute)

Swim: 90 miles

TOTAL: 4100 miles

It's been a great year in the Run Bike Swim department. I did a half-Iron, which I never thought I could do before, I'm feeling stronger on the bike, and my running pace is getting faster. Had lots of fun with Water World Swim events and all the tri-clinics we did for the ESCAPE. The highlight of the year though is when I ran the 5k in December with my sisters, their first race experience! Lots of fun memorie…

Dallas White Rock Marathon


Rest Week

Ran 11 miles this week, and it rained on the morning of the 5k, so no race. There will be other 5k's to PR after the marathon, and I won't have to worry about pulling something before the big race. I am having a great time and enjoying what life has to offer. Running has helped me get through all kinds of situations and just makes the day better. I'm enjoying the training!

DSE Embarcadero 10k

My favorite local course to PR on in the 10k is the DSE Embarcadero 10k. I trained and did my track workouts, knew my race pace and followed my plan. My goal was 45 minutes and I got in just under at 44:56 with a third place ribbon for the women. A good day for sore legs!

Thanks Run Fast by Hal Higdon

Their events are so well organized and registration fees are so affordable you can run them every weekend.

Weekly mileage: 20.61

Stinson Beach Marathon

Stinson Beach Marathon Report: This was a really tough run, but full of scenic trails from beach, to ridge, to forest and repeat! The course felt alot harder than last time, because we went up and down into Muir Woods twice. After the first hour, my legs were already cramped and feet were hurting so it was a matter of making them shuffle along for the next 5 hours! The half marathon would have been enough but since I was looking for some hill and mental training I did the whole thing. Well worth the views! The continuous uphills were challenging. I just tried to concentrate on good form and steady pace, and kept fueling and hydrating. The aid station was well placed and well stocked and helpful volunteers. The Coastal Trail led us out onto the exposed ridge where it was windy, wet and cold. The trail was so narrow and uneven, with lots of rocks. I just tried not to roll my ankles. If you want a nice hike, the Dipsea trail from Stinson Beach is really gorgeous, but be prepared for lots…

Tapering for the Marathon

Last long run before the Stinson Beach Marathon. Photo by fellow runner David.

I started tapering down after the second 20 miler. The trails took long to recover from, so took it easy this weekend with swimming and hiking. Spent some quiet time camped out in the Santa Cruz mountains. The trails here are awesome. One day I would love to do the Skyline to the Sea trail.

I had a big swim on Saturday with other Water World Swim coaches Jake, John and Kirk and swimmers Andrew, Les and Jeff. The support crew was awesome and I made some new friends. The swim is 6 miles from Capitola to Santa Cruz around Pleasure Point, which took about 3 hours. I only did a little bit of it then kayaked the rest of the way. We saw sea lions, dolphins, and a humpback whale! It was so memorable. Though it's shark season, it was so beautiful to be out there that I wasn't thinking about it. The weather was so nice, and we had so much fun picnicking on the beach afterward, it was like being in heaven.

The l…


12 days until Mt. Tam! Ran 49 miles this week (681 this year), highest weekly mileage in ages! Also ran my fastest 12 miler ever, thanks to Hal Higdon's tried and true old school methods in Run Fast. This weeks 20 miler was 5 minutes faster than last week, so yes it does pay off to do more than one of these before race day. I had missed running long during tri-training and am now getting my fix, and still have another month of it! The target race is the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December. The Stinson Beach Marathon is going to be great hill training. Then I have a 10k and a 5k race to sharpen my pace up before then. I have seen a lot of sunsets and sunrises this week. Running life is good!

Just keep running


Run: 43.75 Swim: 2.6 Bike Commute: 40-50

It's been an amazing week of training. Couldn't ask for better weather this week! Spent a lot of time out on the bay witnessing the calmest, clearest, & warmest conditions ever! Here are some photos from earlier in the week as the full moon was setting and a radiant sun was rising:

The sun rise. How's that for consistency?

I can't think of a better place to be when the sun is rising in San Francisco! We also had a swim race under the Golden Gate Bridge, and a swim from Alcatraz. I made it in 45 minutes. After the Alcatraz swim I took a little dognap then did an evening 20 mile run. The first one in a long time! Only 18 days until Stinson Beach Marathon! The long runs are very important - I can feel the difference trying to run up hills after being on the feet for 18 miles at the end of the day. The knees feel a little sore. Good thing the recovery is quick. Ready for another week of training.

I let the intense track workouts g…

Alcatraz #6

October 2009. That was when I did my first Alcatraz swim with Water World Swim. It was a milestone for me because I was never a swimmer, and it was a whole transformation for me that changed my life forever, like running a marathon. The experience made me a stronger, more determined person, and brings a lot of joy and fun into my daily life. My other milestone with Alcatraz was to do the Triathlon, and see how much more I could do after the swim. Pushing myself a little farther, overcoming even more mental and physical hurdles. The sixth time was another milestone, doing a full crossing without the wetsuit 2 years later, and now I'm helping other people to accomplish their dream of swimming from Alcatraz. The funny thing is that the milestones never end, and each day swimming in the bay is different. I love it! I've met so many great people and been having a great time!

The swim itself was like swimming in a swimming pool. October is a great time to swim in the bay especially i…

Fall Running

Getting ready to tackle Mt. Tam for the Stinson Beach Marathon! Ran 41 miles last week and finally got a long run in. Have been enjoying the track, the trails, the hills and running! Life has it's ups and downs but whenever I can run I'm in my element. Last time I did Stinson Beach I got 3rd in my AG, even taking 5 hours to complete it. It will just be great to be out there on the trails! I think I went crazy and signed up for 3 races next month. Time to update all the PRs.

SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k

Run: 39 miles
Bike: 73 miles + plus bike commuting!

This was a great week of running, followed by an epic bike ride this weekend with the San Francisco Randonneurs.

After the ride, it would have been great to meet everyone but instead I collapsed on the grass under a tree, nearly passed out from sheer blissful exhaustion. I still want to do the full 200k to the lighthouse one day. After this long ride, I noticed small adjustments I'm going to make to my bike to make it more comfortable. It was good to swim in the bay the next day and ice everything down. I'm starting to feel refreshed for another week of training. Going to aim for 50 miles/week running so I can be ready for Mt. Tam.

October is here. When the seasons change, sometimes other changes come with it. I'm alright with change especially if it is change for the better. I'm going to stay focused on my goals and dreams and not let anything break my stride. Follow the legend of the two wolves.

Update: Came down wi…

Weekend in the Bay

I had a great week of running almost every day and awesome weekend on the bay. The weather was perfect! Busy with the Water World Swim 1st Annual Alcatraz Classic Open Water Swim race. It was a very exciting race, and fun to see Cesar win. I grabbed some footage of it:

Working check-in was fun meeting all the swimmers from all over. We had a huge team from Ireland raising money for Cystic Fibrosis, and competitive swimmers from all over California, the states and UK, including a Google rep with their camera crew. The swim was dedicated to John Caughlin.


Maybe one day I will get a long run in!


September is here! It's been a busy summer of triathlon training and exciting Water World Swim events. Can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing then being on, in, or near the beautiful San Francisco bay! I'm back at the track, strength training and increasing my mileage for the fall marathons. Life is good!

Rest & Reflect

It was nice to take a week off from training, but managed to fill it up with working on other fun projects. Yesterday was one year after my dad died, so I'm reflecting alot. Training for the last three triathlons really helped me to get through the year and keep me focused on positive things. I really need that kind of routine. I didn't look at daily mile or training blogs that much and have some catching up to do. Going to ease into another training plan this week for Stinson Beach Marathon. Have a big weekend on the Bay planned with WWS. Feeling blessed.

San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz

San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz
They said "It Can Be Done" and yes it was!

S: 53:25 B:1:41:45 R:1:07:49
T1: 13:53 T2: 3:09 Sand Ladder: 3:22

This was a really fun event, a San Francisco classic! It is a challenging course and can take a long time to prepare for the hills and open water, but well worth it. The experience will make you stronger!

The 1.2 mile swim was great! The water was "warm", not that choppy, perfectly slack. It seemed a bit long, and at times I didn't feel like I was going anywhere. On Gary Emich's GPS it recorded the distance at 1.75 miles, hmmm. I think I would have liked a little more ebb. Aimed straight for the Palace of Fine Arts dome. Lots of kayak support. Tips: for the swim transition bag don't forget the body glide! I brought my electrolyte drink with me. Hydrate well day before race and right before. Breakfast was 2 granola bars and Yerba Mate Green Tea.

This is a fun course because of the hills and sc…

Week 7 - This is it!

S:3 B:84 R:10

One week left until the San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz! The full moon has been messing with my sleep, but I feel ready for this. Thanks to my friends that trained with me, bloggers and dailymilers, and family for your support! Coach Jake who did the course with me several times, also the coaches at Club One, Fernando and Nick for some challenging workouts. Very special thanks to my favorite coach Pedro and my Water World Swim peeps who I swam with every week! Thanks to work for my flexible schedule. You all rock! Next week will be race report.

Week 6

S:3.22 B:66.5 R:25

Looks like last month was the highest mileage month so far this year! Just wait until marathon training comes around. This was another good week, not only did I get my workouts in, but also helped out with the Water World Swim Alcatraz Touch and Go, which was fun! It's been amazing to watch people grow into open water swimmers at Water World Swim. Several months of steady, consistent training in the water can get you there!

I keep a spreadsheet of my training cycles and noticed something interesting. Both 8 week training cycles have a peak mileage at week 3, and then drop, then another climb at week 6. The mileage is a little higher, but the pattern is the same. What's not pictured is the peak intensity (more later on that). With more intensity, the tradeoff is often miles. With higher intensity workouts, hill training and a few long efforts what I noticed is that my speed and endurance is getting better. Hills that used to be walls are now manageable incli…

Week 5 - Nature Break

S:1.39 B:59 R:16

This was a great week, spent the weekend camping at Salt Point Sate Park. There are miles of trails here and nearby roads great for cycling! This place has a little bit of everything: rocky shores, prairies, foresty trails, and a lot of fog! Very peaceful.


I was really excited about doing the ride up to Seaview and to Fort Ross. I wanted to do a larger loop to Cazaderos and Jenner and back up Meyers Grade, but I took a wrong turn and am glad I did because it would have taken much longer than I had expected because of the hills. Even hiking and running took twice as long as expected. I will save that one for next time. The trails in Salt Point State Park are great for mountain biking. I did not have the right tires on my road bike so had to hike up the steep sections. Another fun ride would be from Seaview coming down through the park to Highway 1! The roads up on the ridge are nice and rolling and really fun coming down the 18% grades back to the scenic highway r…

Week 4

S:2.52 B:82 R:22.75

The 4th week is a cutback week, but still over 100 miles total. 2 swims (1 pool, 1 open water), 3 runs (hills, track, and endurance) and a long bike ride in addition to bike commute miles. I'm feeling good about the track workouts. I'm already looking ahead past the next event to the fall marathons. I love running, and with the triathlon training haven't been running as much, but the mileage is climbing now. Excited!

Had a fun social ride this weekend with Kathleen and Gerard on Paradise Loop.

I met them swimming with Pedro. Kathleen applies her horseback riding skills to her bike well, and it's a challenge keeping up with Gerard the hill sprinter. Everyone has their own talent. Mine is taking pictures while riding a bike. ;-) It has been my goal to get that long bike ride in every Saturday this summer, and so far I've been able to find good company.

The other challenge I have overcome is doing the long run the next day after a long ride. What I di…

Week 3

S:2.11 B:110.69 R:19.5

These feel like long weeks with a lot of work to do, but I'm glad I have my workout routine to keep me going. It's giving me mental energy as well as physical energy to get through the day. The running is getting better and had a great track workout on Friday, with a fastest 400m ever.

This weekend explored some other roads around NW Marin and saw a gigantic mushroom! It was a little foggy but that kept things cool and comfortable. Sunday was beautiful sunny day, and had a great morning at Aquatic Park, sleepy afternoon at Ocean Beach and a long run by Crissy field and watched the windsurfers fly up into the air. Added in a few hills on the ride and run this week and feeling it. Sad the weekend is over. Time to recharge for another week!

Week 2

S: 3.17 B:86 R:22.88

This was a big week! It started with Fireworks, and by the end I was so tired I was falling asleep all over the place. 3 open water swims, a pool workout, CTS workouts on the bike, speedwork, brick and LSD for the run. It was a pretty good formula, and I felt like I stuck to the plan. This weekend helped out with Swim Around the Rock. It was great to see athletes from all over the states and the world participate in this. The best was to see the transformation of several of the swimmers that I know, when they started training for Alcatraz, then did a couple of crossings, then watch the light go off to do this event and train for it, then actually do it and cross the finish line! AMAZING!

Week 1

S:3 B:103 R:12

The Weekend is not complete without a Swim, Bike and Run!

Starting off with higher mileage than the last cycle of training. Reading Hal Higdon's Run Fast again to pick up the pace.

SFR Pt. Reyes Populaire 115k

S:1 B: 113.6

This was just a fun weekend!

Did nothing except work all week, then had an epic bike ride to Point Reyes with the SF Randonneurs on a beautiful day. It's been so long since I was able to take a long ride, and couldn't have asked for a better occasion. Also riding with a friend made it even better. Ernesto knows all about the nice long rides. It's really sad that I was last seen on this route in 2009 (same bike) while training for Cinderella, and didn't even get as far as SPT. I'm hoping I can sneak in a few more of these long rides this summer!

On Sunday before the swim, was helping WWS with swim support on the Golden Gate Triathlon. I've done the event a couple times so it was cool to be in the kayak's POV this time. They did great! The sun's glare made it difficult for them to see the buoys, and they swam against the flood current at times, but this is what makes open water swimming unique and challenging.

Now to begin another 8 week cycl…

Sacramento International Triathlon

Inaugural Sacramento International Triathlon
Swim .93 miles (1.5k) – Bike 24.8 miles (40k) – Run 6.2 miles (10k)

This race was a lot of fun, especially since we made a weekend out of it with camping by the lake with friends. Who would have ever thought that an area surrounding a former nuclear power station would make a beautiful park full of birds and fish and triathletes.

I got there the day before the race to acclimate and run the course. It was hot! Which was great because my friends could pretend they were at Burning Man. The area is a wide open grasslands with sparse trees. I met Mark of TBF Racing and he told me where the trail was. The singletrack trail by the lake is fun to run on, preferably at dawn or dusk when it's cooler. The days were spent lazing in the sun, walking around in a daze and jumping in the lake often. The swimming part of the beach is small, shallow and crowded on weekends. Best to be there on the weekdays. The night is cool and you can sleep outside. I nev…

Week 6 - Alcatraz #4

S:2 B:87 R:7.7

Good mileage week (almost 100 miles), and swam Alcatraz to Aquatic Park this weekend. We jumped at slack tide so the currents were changing. There was a little chop but was very manageable and the water was very comfortable. I was swimming with first timers, but then lost sight of them in the swells. Would only see them sporadically. It was a pleasant swim, and I could focus on just swimming and sighting. In case of ebb, would have sighted on Jeremiah O Brien (the gray battleship), but it felt like it was flooding, so we were told to go for Fontana towers, then shifted to the Eureka (white ferry, or middle of the breakwall) then as I got close to the wall realized I was in a fast current, so sighted on Coit Tower and swam hard. Made to the opening in 35 minutes, and reached shore 7 minutes later. The other swimmers were already on shore with big smiles on their faces waiting for the others. These swims are a lot of fun. I have been on the boat several times for these cr…

Week 5 - Escape From Alcatraz

S:2.54 B:49 R:4.25

Did less than half of my training but had an epic week of ESCAPE mania with Water World Swim!

We cruised around on Joel's boat and repositioned swimmers that got carried off by the currents. Coach Edna was on the radio in contact with Coach Pedro and the captains and directing the boat to the needed locations. Coach George and Jake were on the kayak captains team, and it worked with the precision of a clock. If a swimmer needed aid, the kayak would get near them and had them hold on. Then they would put their paddles up to give the sign for rescue. A rescue boat would pick them up to escort them to medical. For repositions, Coach Joseph pulled them out and checked on them, many had problems with hyperventilation. Some were disoriented. I noticed many didn't wear layered or thermal swim caps. As they were on the boat we would talk to them to see their status and direct them where to swim. If they were alright we put them back in the water upstream of the beach.…

Week 4

S:2.49 B:57.3 R:22.45

This has been a great month of training. I trained mostly on the Escape course helping others prepare for the event. It's been awesome! I am so happy to live here. Also, I love the Aquatic Park. I am there all the time and I love the people there. Wherever the ocean meets the beach, there are people smiling and good energy. It's a pleasure to train with such a positive group of swimmers.

I'm looking at my training and checking out the data in excel graph - it is an interesting zig zag going up. So for the next few weeks, will continue the zig zag up until a week before Sacramento. I like the Escape course but I'm looking forward to switch up my long bike rides on something else lol! Get this time-crunched triathlete some variety.

My Zones from earlier CTS Field Testing

CYCLING low high / HR
Endurance: 88 - 158
Tempo: 153 - 156
Steady State: 160 - 164
Climbing Repeat: 165 - 170
Power Interval: 174 - max

Endurance: less than 160 /HR
Steady State: 1…

Week 3

S: 2.5 B: 78 R: 11

This picture says it all:

The mileage doesn't seem very high but I am tapped out! I am going to try a two week cycle of alternating high intensity bike/swim weeks with running focused weeks. If I can do around 100 miles total of combination of Swim Bike Run then that is good.

I'm very focused right now on the Water World Swim Triathlon clinics for The Escape. It has been an amazing, positive experience. One more weekend left before the event. Here's how last weekend went.

Week 2

S:4:35 B:57.5 R:3

Another epic week, although didn't run that much, my whole body felt sore from the heavy duty swim workouts, especially from the master's swim class. The water temps in the bay felt great this week. The highlight is I get to meet and train with great athletes at Water World Swim. Had fun with the new camera (Canon PowerShot D10) testing out the video.

The Run Jump and Swim event at the SERC on Friday was a blast: Run from the club to end of Muni Pier, jump off, swim back to club as many times as possible in one hour. I can't believe that I got 12th place again. The event is open to non-members and next one is November 5th. I got some good camera tips from Reptile.

Week 1

S:4.5 B:84.5 R:16.7

This has been a great first week of training! Masters swimming, spinning, running outside, open water swimming, hilly bike rides, brick workouts on the weekend. We've launched the WWS weekend Escape Tri-clinics for the month of May. It was a bit windy this weekend but it added another element of challenge. I enjoyed my new camera and taking photos again. The energy is there just got to make sure I go to sleep before 9:30pm. The wildflowers are bloomed and the birds are singing. This is a great time to be outside.


This weekend, I hit the refresh button on a really short spring camping excursion.

After resuming training again, it was so nice to slow down the pace enough to wake up to the sound of birds chirping and be dazzled by this:

A sparkling collection of morning dewdrops neatly arranged around the edges of the leaves of the plants lining the trail by Lagunitas creek. It's so beautiful! There is a great cycling path that goes right through the park, and a popular place to bike-in camp. The air is so fresh here. I feel rejuvenated. I have already booked a Summer and a Fall camping trip with hubby. Best way to do QT time ever!

I'm gathering my CTS Field Test data to set my levels for training. 8 weeks until Sacto!

s:1.55 B:58 R:9