Week 11

A great way to end the weekend:

Running the Coastal Trail

I love to run the Coastal Trail at this time of day as the sun is almost setting. There were some really scary waves at Baker Beach.

Running the Coastal Trail
The waves were pretty high, 6-10 perfect barrels closing out evenly but crashing hard and sending water back up vertically, immediately followed by another whomper. That was around the time the tide was changing from ebb to flood so it was kinda crazy. This is all happening close to shore where people are playing with their kids and dogs.

Running back through Golden Gate park the sun is low and streaming in through the trees like honey. A good 13 miler today, next week is the half-marathon! The new upgraded fuel belt works great. It carries 24oz water and a little pouch for the carb flask. I bring that with a handheld flask that I put nuun in that also slides onto my belt and I don't have to stop.

This week I had better results with spacing out the anaerobic training sessions. The spinning class is a maximum heart rate session, and so is the interval running. I'm making these shorter and after the half marathon will switch over to swim speed and mileage and longer bike rides. Really have to commit to some long bike rides in february-march.

R:23.75 B:70 S:2

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fuzzbuzz said...

not that you forgot but..YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

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