Week 8 - Winter Swimming

I'm already on week 8 of my half-iron training plan. The first week of 2011 it's been a great week! Last week's emphasis was running, this week, bike and cold water swimming without a wetsuit. Starting on New Year's Day, my friend and long-time swim partner Irene and I have taken the plunge in 50°F waters:

videos by Al Jaurique

I find swimming in cold water to be rejuvenating and healing, and great for mental training. I wear 3 caps: a neoprene, a thermal, and latex on top. Gotta be organized so that after the swim you can get warm immediately and have something warm to drink. We started off with 15 minutes, then added 5 minutes each day. We are at around 30 minutes now.


naomi said...

and i thought running in these temps was cold! next time i complain about cold running temps, i'll think of this!

The Green Girl said...

Ditto on Naomi's comment. ::shivers::

I can't believe you're already on week 8!

fuzzbuzz said...

Yeah I feel wimpy complaining about waiting for a bus in 25 degree weather. BRAVE GIRL!

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