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Week 14 & 15

Week 14: S2/B70/R13
A mandatory scaled back week. 6 workouts plus bike to work everyday. The weather has been cold and rainy, though not nearly as cold as most cities get during winter. My friend let me borrow a trainer and some aerobars:

It takes a bit of getting used to aerobar position. The longest ride so far is 2 hours.

Week 15: S/2/B85/R13
Turned out to be pretty scaled back also, with 8 workouts plus BTW everyday. Having to prepare taxes and side projects is affecting my training. I volunteered to help out with Water World Swim because it is my swim group and I love swimming with them. I feel it's important to pitch in where I can, plus it helps me to help other athletes. Though the temps have dipped, the open water feels great. I can't let a week go by without it!

Preparing for an early spring tri is kind of a challenge, because the weather is crap for cycling, plus it gets dark early. But I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. If you think cycling indo…

Week 13

How funny that week 13 ends on the 13th! What a great weekend of activity! Rested for a few days after the race and kept the running light. Did my favorite bike ride on Paradise Loop on a beautiful sunny Saturday. Then on Sunday an awesome swim from Pier 39 to Aquatic Park with SERC. After warming up, went back in and swam some more with Water World! One thing I have to say about jumping into the cold water is that you're done with the acclimation torture within a few seconds.

Paradise Loop by runrenerun at Garmin Connect - Details

Photo by Flatstar Design (I'm wearing red)

HAPPY VALENTINES AND CHINESE NEW YEAR! Year of the rabbit, may you eat lots of carrots and run fast!

KP Half Marathon

This is one of the races I've been doing on the regular to stay focused on training during the 'winter'. Hot day! Planned for 8 minute pace and brought lots of hydration and homemade energy gel. Started off easy for mile and a half, then caught up to my virtual partner around mile 5. Stayed within 30 seconds of pace on hills (7:30 down, 8:30 up) made one water stop in the park to refill my bottle and finished it by the end so I could be light. Instead of getting crazy at the end, just keep a good pace and hang on to it. Mantra: Keep running! chip time: 1:45:23

The months before my monthly mileage has been 79, 102 & 55 with cycling and swimming for the triathlon training.




This is another one for my dad whose birthday would have been this month. I am shocked to discover how many people in my family are stricken by diabetes on his side, and now my brother has been diagnosed. I wish I could run some extra miles for him to get better, but the reality is…