KP Half Marathon

This is one of the races I've been doing on the regular to stay focused on training during the 'winter'. Hot day! Planned for 8 minute pace and brought lots of hydration and homemade energy gel. Started off easy for mile and a half, then caught up to my virtual partner around mile 5. Stayed within 30 seconds of pace on hills (7:30 down, 8:30 up) made one water stop in the park to refill my bottle and finished it by the end so I could be light. Instead of getting crazy at the end, just keep a good pace and hang on to it. Mantra: Keep running! chip time: 1:45:23

The months before my monthly mileage has been 79, 102 & 55 with cycling and swimming for the triathlon training.

KP Half Marathon


KP Half Marathon

This is another one for my dad whose birthday would have been this month. I am shocked to discover how many people in my family are stricken by diabetes on his side, and now my brother has been diagnosed. I wish I could run some extra miles for him to get better, but the reality is - that is something he is going to have to do himself. Aren't I making it look appealing enough?

Diabetes Epidemic Among Latinos

Health Seeker - Educational Facebook Game in English and Spanish:

UPDATE: Just found out that someone died running this race today. My heart goes out to them and their family. This did not have to happen. Supposedly it took 20 minutes for the paramedics to arrive, and for some reason they were not standing by at the finish line as they are at most events. Don't know what happened here but don't rely on others for your safety. As someone who has experienced hyponatremia, I always bring my own hydration and electrolytes and race nutrition and never solely rely on course offerings. Drink lots of water day before event, and eat some bananas or potatoes for potassium. Also, training for a race is something to take seriously. I have been doing weekly anaerobic sessions and intervals, but even then in the heat you can expect your heart rate to go up at least ten beats. I was shocked to see my heart rate levels after the race, and it even went up to 200 the second I stopped running. It looked like my heart jumped off a cliff. If they could improve this race I would say in addition to having the paramedics waiting in the wings, to add at least 200m more to the course after the finish line so people can slow down properly instead of stopping suddenly and making a right turn into a crowd of people. More water stops on hot days.



naomi said...

congratulations on such a fantastic race!

René said...

Thanks Naomi, I hope you have a great running year!

fuzzbuzz said...

Awesome sis, you're doing awesome!

The Green Girl said...

Yeay for planning ahead and being prepared. I love that you make your own energy gel. I am going to have to try your recipe.

I'm sorry to hear your brother has been diagnosed. It runs in my family, too, so I understand your concern.

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