Week 13

How funny that week 13 ends on the 13th! What a great weekend of activity! Rested for a few days after the race and kept the running light. Did my favorite bike ride on Paradise Loop on a beautiful sunny Saturday. Then on Sunday an awesome swim from Pier 39 to Aquatic Park with SERC. After warming up, went back in and swam some more with Water World! One thing I have to say about jumping into the cold water is that you're done with the acclimation torture within a few seconds.

Paradise Loop
Paradise Loop
Paradise Loop by runrenerun at Garmin Connect - Details

Photo by Flatstar Design (I'm wearing red)

HAPPY VALENTINES AND CHINESE NEW YEAR! Year of the rabbit, may you eat lots of carrots and run fast!


naomi said...

My curiosity is piqued about open water swimming...that video is so cool! But...isn't that where the sea lions live?!

Jo Lynn said...

Yes, LOTS and lots of carrots.
OWS still scares me. I commend you!
I'm glad you had a happy birthday, btw. ;)

René said...

Thanks it was memorable that is for sure! There were several (large!) sea lions inside the cove at Pier 39 hanging out. In the water they mostly keep a good distance away when they see you.

fuzzbuzz said...

I hope you know how lucky you are to live in that beautiful paradise! Your photos are so vibrant and Im glad you get out and fully enjoy that beauty. Run Rene Run!!!!

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