Getting Ready for Oceanside

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Transition Bag
I am almost ready! This is not just preparation, it is a ritual LOL! This has been a good week of easy workouts and getting ready for Oceanside 70.3 amongst other things. I have to wrap my mind around this. It's going to be fun! Will be there with friends from Water World Swim.

I'm serious about the hydration and fueling. I don't want to drop my bottles and this thing is locked in. It might take 7 hours and I'm not planning to bonk. I'm not going out like that.

The plan is to eat well, sleep well, plan well, visualize a positive outcome, don't get sick, not stress and remember to smile, because this is an amazing privilege that I'm able to do this. Life is short to not realize the power of the moment. I've trained and sacrificed a lot of social family time on the weekends and evenings because I had to get up early the next day to exercise. I signed up last year before my dad passed away and the training has carried me through the mourning. I am going to outswim, outbike, and outrun diabetes and heart disease the best I can for my dad.

High PCB exposure tied to diabetes risk


Week 18

S: 1.74 B:72 R:7
It's been a low mileage week, and a low energy weekend. No long workouts, zero. I was at the Open Water Safety Conference all day on Saturday and didn't eat well, and felt my blood sugar drop significantly in the afternoon. It was a great conference, but I can't take sitting around for long periods of time, and I thought, how ironic if I pass out at this safety conference. Luckily I had brought some fruit with me and a powerbar. I have been feeling light-headed lately and not myself. I have to remember to keep some snacks with me at all times and eat well. Could it be "reactive hypoglycemia"? I don't know. Should see a nutritionist. I'm not worried about skipping workouts so much as I am worried about making sure I have enough energy for event day and get rid of the light-headedness. I got Chris Carmichael's The Time-Crunched Triathlete book and felt relieved to know that I don't have to do 20 hrs a week of training to finish the upcoming 70.3 distance. I feel like 20 weeks was too long for me and that I peaked a loooong time ago. 10 weeks is better. Same with marathon training. 12 weeks max. Not 18 or 20. That's just me. Once I get there and get in the zone I'll be in my element. Guess I will revise my plan for this week start tapering down on intensity and keep it easy, and NOT SKIP MEALS!


Week 17

S:2.37 B:92.5 R:8

Good workouts this week. These stairs did me in:

Lyon St. Steps Workout

I reached my limits during the week and didn't have much left for the weekend. It's all on dailymile

Unfortunately, this week was turned upside down with the news of the horrible disasters in Japan. Unbelievable.
2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
Just about 2 weeks ago was the Christchurch quake.


Week 16 - PEAK WEEKS

S 2.34 / B 102 / R 4
Peak weeks are here! I didn't do much running but that's because I already did that in preparation for the half-marathon last month, am now in maintenance mode for running and focusing on peak bike mileage. I only have a certain amount of time & energy and have to prioritize. Going to throw in some more bricks this week, primarily the bike-run ones. I'm used to the swim-bike, and have done plenty of short bike-run but not long bike-run. I noticed after this weeks 4hr ride that my neck and lower back was a bit sore. I tried the aerobars outside also on the long ride and LOVED IT! Wow, what a relief it is on a long steady climb to be able to rest into that position!

Nutrition Critical:
I try to follow some basic rules and eat at least 3 fruits and 3 vegetables per day and only whole grains. This is easy for me because I love veggie tacos. I've discovered the chicken-less veggie strips at trader joes. Stir fry that with onions and choice of: kale, zucchini, carrots, peppers, cabbage, and a scoop of quinoa and/or whatever else I can find. Add fresh tomatoes and salsa and a little cheese. BOOM!

Do you see the hot steam rising off the freshness?

These are some of my supplements: yerba mate and green tea mix, maca root powder, flax seed oil and flax meal, fish oil, protein shakes, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, C, D, evening primrose oil (for women), milk thistle, iron occasionally and cod liver oil occasionally. I keep nuts for snacking on, and trail mix is even better with dried fruits and granola. Gotta keep the energy up and drink lots of H2O!

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