Getting Ready for Oceanside

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Transition Bag
I am almost ready! This is not just preparation, it is a ritual LOL! This has been a good week of easy workouts and getting ready for Oceanside 70.3 amongst other things. I have to wrap my mind around this. It's going to be fun! Will be there with friends from Water World Swim.

I'm serious about the hydration and fueling. I don't want to drop my bottles and this thing is locked in. It might take 7 hours and I'm not planning to bonk. I'm not going out like that.

The plan is to eat well, sleep well, plan well, visualize a positive outcome, don't get sick, not stress and remember to smile, because this is an amazing privilege that I'm able to do this. Life is short to not realize the power of the moment. I've trained and sacrificed a lot of social family time on the weekends and evenings because I had to get up early the next day to exercise. I signed up last year before my dad passed away and the training has carried me through the mourning. I am going to outswim, outbike, and outrun diabetes and heart disease the best I can for my dad.

High PCB exposure tied to diabetes risk


Jo Lynn said...

Go get 'em girl. Run or ride with me when you get back, okay? ;)

fuzzbuzz said...

So very proud of you sis and glad this has been good therapy for you. You're gonna be a big ol' comet out there and Dad will be with you every step of the way cheering you on. You are doing this!!!!

Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD said...

Best wishes to you Rene! You are an inspiration.

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