Week 17

S:2.37 B:92.5 R:8

Good workouts this week. These stairs did me in:

Lyon St. Steps Workout

I reached my limits during the week and didn't have much left for the weekend. It's all on dailymile

Unfortunately, this week was turned upside down with the news of the horrible disasters in Japan. Unbelievable.
2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
Just about 2 weeks ago was the Christchurch quake.


naomi said…
i have always heard about those stairs but have never run them myself...they scare me!
RenĂ© said…
Doing these is like running a marathon. The best part is seeing the look of trepidation on runners faces when they are at the bottom looking up getting ready to go.
fuzzbuzz said…
keep your focus you are almost there! looking at those stairs makes my back ache ;D
The Green Girl said…
Wow, you go, girl. I got tired just looking up at those stairs.

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