Week 18

S: 1.74 B:72 R:7
It's been a low mileage week, and a low energy weekend. No long workouts, zero. I was at the Open Water Safety Conference all day on Saturday and didn't eat well, and felt my blood sugar drop significantly in the afternoon. It was a great conference, but I can't take sitting around for long periods of time, and I thought, how ironic if I pass out at this safety conference. Luckily I had brought some fruit with me and a powerbar. I have been feeling light-headed lately and not myself. I have to remember to keep some snacks with me at all times and eat well. Could it be "reactive hypoglycemia"? I don't know. Should see a nutritionist. I'm not worried about skipping workouts so much as I am worried about making sure I have enough energy for event day and get rid of the light-headedness. I got Chris Carmichael's The Time-Crunched Triathlete book and felt relieved to know that I don't have to do 20 hrs a week of training to finish the upcoming 70.3 distance. I feel like 20 weeks was too long for me and that I peaked a loooong time ago. 10 weeks is better. Same with marathon training. 12 weeks max. Not 18 or 20. That's just me. Once I get there and get in the zone I'll be in my element. Guess I will revise my plan for this week start tapering down on intensity and keep it easy, and NOT SKIP MEALS!


fuzzbuzz said…
Never skip meals! Hope you get the lightheadedness under control and all is well. Getting excited for your big race! :)
The Green Girl said…
Oh, Rene, take care of yourself, girl.

I'm glad you are finding a way to make your training schedule work for you.
RenĂ© said…
Lesson learned: On days that I'm not training, I still need to eat well. Also, embrace the taper.
Taper always messes with my head - I keep feeling like a should be doing more and then I feel like my body is so tired. It never gets easier but it does become more familiar. You're going to rock this race!

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