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Back Into the Fray!

S: 1.5 B:61.7 R:30.25

Embracing the San Francisco Hills week in anti-gravitational style! Running hills everyday and biking the roller coaster Escape Route. We're rolling out some Weekend Escape Triathlon Clinics at Water World Swim next month it's going to be awesome training! Swim, bike and run every weekend in May!

Mt. Olympus and Twin Peaks

Escape from Alcatraz Bike Course with extra hill starting from Aquatic Park

We had a great Alcatraz crossing on Saturday. There are some strong rip-currents by the island that are pushing north. We were amazed how strong they were. If you find yourself stuck by one of these, swim at an angle to the current or zigzag out of it. Don't swim directly into it. You'll be swimming in place until you get carried to Golden Gate Bridge. These crossings are good practice.


Wow! Last weekend 70.3. This weekend, sidelined with the common cold. Hilarious.

Been drinking this concoction and it's helping to bring me back to life:

Chia Fresca Minty Lime: 1 c. chia seed gel, 2-3 c. mint tea, juice of 2 limes, honey

And yay for Extra Strength Tylenol and Nostrilla.

Oceanside 70.3

en español

SWIM 44:32 / BIKE 4:02:48 / RUN 2:14:04 (T1=12,T2=8 LOL)

I'm twice as slow as Andy Potts and Mirinda Carfrae but I had a blast at Oceanside 70.3! This was a challenging but fun course. My first half-iron & I really liked it. I was really impressed by the volunteer effort and cheering squads all along the way, even at Camp Pendleton. What I love about these events is the energy, and there was a lot of it here. For me it's like the buzz that people get when they visit Stonehenge or some cosmic energy place.

I'm so glad I was able to do this with friends from Water World Swim. I definitely want to thank them for coaxing me into it otherwise I may not have done it. We all had our own challenges to overcome going into it and we all did our best and finished. I was really impressed at how far they have come. I feel like Edna is my mentor. She took me on my first outside the wall open water swim at Aquatic Park. She has done this before and had…