Wow! Last weekend 70.3. This weekend, sidelined with the common cold. Hilarious.

Been drinking this concoction and it's helping to bring me back to life:

Chia Fresca Minty Lime: 1 c. chia seed gel, 2-3 c. mint tea, juice of 2 limes, honey

And yay for Extra Strength Tylenol and Nostrilla.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better, your body has been put through an ordeal :) Rest, rest and hope that you feel better, PRONTO! Love you sis!

Jo Lynn said...

I seem to always get sick after a big event.
Take care of yourself. ;)

The Green Girl said...

Get well soon, girl. ::hugs::

Justine Lam said...

Thanks for the chia drink tip! Unfortunately, I find the gooey-ness of chia to be a bit disconcerting.

I'm working with HealthRally, a new software company focused on health motivation. I found you via your tweets, so I'm assuming you are health-oriented, tech savvy and like to try new things.

We'd like you to try HealthRally and give us feedback before we bring it to the public. We think you would be a great fit.

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It's a new approach, and we are seeing our first group of users achieve their goals and have a bunch of fun in the process.
Can I send you a link to sign in and try?

Just send me a note at justine@healthrally.com


René said...

Thanks Justine, but I am already hooked on dailymile ;-)

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