Week 4

S:2.49 B:57.3 R:22.45

This has been a great month of training. I trained mostly on the Escape course helping others prepare for the event. It's been awesome! I am so happy to live here. Also, I love the Aquatic Park. I am there all the time and I love the people there. Wherever the ocean meets the beach, there are people smiling and good energy. It's a pleasure to train with such a positive group of swimmers.

I'm looking at my training and checking out the data in excel graph - it is an interesting zig zag going up. So for the next few weeks, will continue the zig zag up until a week before Sacramento. I like the Escape course but I'm looking forward to switch up my long bike rides on something else lol! Get this time-crunched triathlete some variety.

My Zones from earlier CTS Field Testing

CYCLING low high / HR
Endurance: 88 - 158
Tempo: 153 - 156
Steady State: 160 - 164
Climbing Repeat: 165 - 170
Power Interval: 174 - max

Endurance: less than 160 /HR
Steady State: 152 - 162
Tempo: 162 - 168
Fartlek Int.: 168 - 178

SWIMMING per 100 meters / Pace Range
BaseIntervalSet: 2:02 - 2:40
PaceIntervalSet: 2:00 - 2:10
LactateThresholdSet: 1:52 - 2:03
VO2Set (VOS): 1:30 - 1:51


Week 3

S: 2.5 B: 78 R: 11

This picture says it all:

The mileage doesn't seem very high but I am tapped out! I am going to try a two week cycle of alternating high intensity bike/swim weeks with running focused weeks. If I can do around 100 miles total of combination of Swim Bike Run then that is good.

I'm very focused right now on the Water World Swim Triathlon clinics for The Escape. It has been an amazing, positive experience. One more weekend left before the event. Here's how last weekend went.


Week 2

S:4:35 B:57.5 R:3

Another epic week, although didn't run that much, my whole body felt sore from the heavy duty swim workouts, especially from the master's swim class. The water temps in the bay felt great this week. The highlight is I get to meet and train with great athletes at Water World Swim. Had fun with the new camera (Canon PowerShot D10) testing out the video.

Climbing up to Seal Rock

The Run Jump and Swim event at the SERC on Friday was a blast: Run from the club to end of Muni Pier, jump off, swim back to club as many times as possible in one hour. I can't believe that I got 12th place again. The event is open to non-members and next one is November 5th. I got some good camera tips from Reptile.


Week 1

S:4.5 B:84.5 R:16.7

This has been a great first week of training! Masters swimming, spinning, running outside, open water swimming, hilly bike rides, brick workouts on the weekend. We've launched the WWS weekend Escape Tri-clinics for the month of May. It was a bit windy this weekend but it added another element of challenge. I enjoyed my new camera and taking photos again. The energy is there just got to make sure I go to sleep before 9:30pm. The wildflowers are bloomed and the birds are singing. This is a great time to be outside.



This weekend, I hit the refresh button on a really short spring camping excursion.

Samuel P. Taylor State Park

After resuming training again, it was so nice to slow down the pace enough to wake up to the sound of birds chirping and be dazzled by this:
Samuel P. Taylor State Park
A sparkling collection of morning dewdrops neatly arranged around the edges of the leaves of the plants lining the trail by Lagunitas creek. It's so beautiful! There is a great cycling path that goes right through the park, and a popular place to bike-in camp. The air is so fresh here. I feel rejuvenated. I have already booked a Summer and a Fall camping trip with hubby. Best way to do QT time ever!

Samuel P. Taylor State Park

I'm gathering my CTS Field Test data to set my levels for training. 8 weeks until Sacto!

s:1.55 B:58 R:9

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