This weekend, I hit the refresh button on a really short spring camping excursion.

Samuel P. Taylor State Park

After resuming training again, it was so nice to slow down the pace enough to wake up to the sound of birds chirping and be dazzled by this:
Samuel P. Taylor State Park
A sparkling collection of morning dewdrops neatly arranged around the edges of the leaves of the plants lining the trail by Lagunitas creek. It's so beautiful! There is a great cycling path that goes right through the park, and a popular place to bike-in camp. The air is so fresh here. I feel rejuvenated. I have already booked a Summer and a Fall camping trip with hubby. Best way to do QT time ever!

Samuel P. Taylor State Park

I'm gathering my CTS Field Test data to set my levels for training. 8 weeks until Sacto!

s:1.55 B:58 R:9


trailturtle said...

Beautiful weekend weather-wise to do this kind of refresh. Great idea.
Hubby & I did a trail race at Big Basin on Sat followed by a hike, and it was absolutely gorgeous with perfect temps!

René said...

Nice! That's the way to do it!

fuzzbuzz said...

I looove being out in the lovely woods. Enjoy! :)

Maiden Leather said...

Exactly what I need - Fantastic pictures!!!

The Green Girl said...

Thrilled to hear you got to refresh, girl. Absolutely beautiful.

I'm really enjoying that body butter you gave me - the label fell off but I use it on my neck and shoulders at work when I'm feeling stiff/sore.

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