Week 1

S:4.5 B:84.5 R:16.7

This has been a great first week of training! Masters swimming, spinning, running outside, open water swimming, hilly bike rides, brick workouts on the weekend. We've launched the WWS weekend Escape Tri-clinics for the month of May. It was a bit windy this weekend but it added another element of challenge. I enjoyed my new camera and taking photos again. The energy is there just got to make sure I go to sleep before 9:30pm. The wildflowers are bloomed and the birds are singing. This is a great time to be outside.


fuzzbuzz said…
Awesome sis, you are revving me up to get outside when im all better. Have fun! :)
trailturtle said…
Good luck with training. Our last hike in CA before returning home was a loop in the Headlands. Beautiful. Hope to have pics up this week. And, yes, it was ioncredibly windy. Almost got blown over a few times. Now I know why there are guide wires up top!
RenĂ© said…
Get better sis and look forward to seeing the photos trailturtle!
The Green Girl said…
Congratulations on a successful week one!
Maiden Leather said…
I am going to try to get a laptop so I can install Skype so we can chataroo

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