Week 3

S: 2.5 B: 78 R: 11

This picture says it all:

The mileage doesn't seem very high but I am tapped out! I am going to try a two week cycle of alternating high intensity bike/swim weeks with running focused weeks. If I can do around 100 miles total of combination of Swim Bike Run then that is good.

I'm very focused right now on the Water World Swim Triathlon clinics for The Escape. It has been an amazing, positive experience. One more weekend left before the event. Here's how last weekend went.


The Green Girl said…
::high fives::
The Green Girl said…
Oh, my gosh! My word verification was 'tridame'. How fitting!
Maiden Leather said…
When I ever get to feel that good I will have someone take a pic for me, Makes me smile - I am happy when your happy :)
trailturtle said…
Obviously the "Run *JUMP* and swim event" you referenced in the previous post had an effect on you :)))) Have fun!
fuzzbuzz said…
Best picture ever!

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