Week 4

S:2.49 B:57.3 R:22.45

This has been a great month of training. I trained mostly on the Escape course helping others prepare for the event. It's been awesome! I am so happy to live here. Also, I love the Aquatic Park. I am there all the time and I love the people there. Wherever the ocean meets the beach, there are people smiling and good energy. It's a pleasure to train with such a positive group of swimmers.

I'm looking at my training and checking out the data in excel graph - it is an interesting zig zag going up. So for the next few weeks, will continue the zig zag up until a week before Sacramento. I like the Escape course but I'm looking forward to switch up my long bike rides on something else lol! Get this time-crunched triathlete some variety.

My Zones from earlier CTS Field Testing

CYCLING low high / HR
Endurance: 88 - 158
Tempo: 153 - 156
Steady State: 160 - 164
Climbing Repeat: 165 - 170
Power Interval: 174 - max

Endurance: less than 160 /HR
Steady State: 152 - 162
Tempo: 162 - 168
Fartlek Int.: 168 - 178

SWIMMING per 100 meters / Pace Range
BaseIntervalSet: 2:02 - 2:40
PaceIntervalSet: 2:00 - 2:10
LactateThresholdSet: 1:52 - 2:03
VO2Set (VOS): 1:30 - 1:51


Julie said...

What a great looking group of swimmers! Love the picture of all those happy smiling faces :-)

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on another successful month. I can only imagine how strong you must feel. So proud of you, girl.

fuzzbuzz said...

:) Always fun to read your inspiring blog sis!

Rad Runner said...

You are a rock star. plain and simple!

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