SFR Pt. Reyes Populaire 115k

S:1 B: 113.6

This was just a fun weekend!
SFR Pt Reyes Populaire 115k
Did nothing except work all week, then had an epic bike ride to Point Reyes with the SF Randonneurs on a beautiful day. It's been so long since I was able to take a long ride, and couldn't have asked for a better occasion. Also riding with a friend made it even better. Ernesto knows all about the nice long rides. It's really sad that I was last seen on this route in 2009 (same bike) while training for Cinderella, and didn't even get as far as SPT. I'm hoping I can sneak in a few more of these long rides this summer!

On Sunday before the swim, was helping WWS with swim support on the Golden Gate Triathlon. I've done the event a couple times so it was cool to be in the kayak's POV this time. They did great! The sun's glare made it difficult for them to see the buoys, and they swam against the flood current at times, but this is what makes open water swimming unique and challenging.

Now to begin another 8 week cycle of training for the Tri-California San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz. I'm using The Time-Crunched Triathlete training plan as a reference. Going to work on my 10k race pace. After this cycle, my plan is to focus on marathon running, and then get seasonal focusing on specifics.


Sacramento International Triathlon

Inaugural Sacramento International Triathlon
Swim .93 miles (1.5k) – Bike 24.8 miles (40k) – Run 6.2 miles (10k)

This race was a lot of fun, especially since we made a weekend out of it with camping by the lake with friends. Who would have ever thought that an area surrounding a former nuclear power station would make a beautiful park full of birds and fish and triathletes.

Rancho Seco Recreational Area

I got there the day before the race to acclimate and run the course. It was hot! Which was great because my friends could pretend they were at Burning Man. The area is a wide open grasslands with sparse trees. I met Mark of TBF Racing and he told me where the trail was. The singletrack trail by the lake is fun to run on, preferably at dawn or dusk when it's cooler. The days were spent lazing in the sun, walking around in a daze and jumping in the lake often. The swimming part of the beach is small, shallow and crowded on weekends. Best to be there on the weekdays. The night is cool and you can sleep outside. I never heard so many birds chirping at 5am, thus, no need for an alarm clock.

The Tri:
Sacramento International Triathlon
Rise and Shine! Ate some granola and packed up my bag. Didn't have to stress because I was already there. Jake also did the tri and we were joking around in the transition area. Met the tri neighbors and then did a quick run through of the entries and exits.

Swim 31:14 - I don't like swim starts, the beginning is always hectic. I didn't feel crowded just can't catch my breath in the hurry. I should have warmed up a little more with some swim sprints. After settling into a proper pace was feeling better. Concentrated on long, strong strokes. Was a little off course but was redirected by kayakers (yay kayakers!) The water was warm. Drank 20 oz of fluid before.
Sacramento International Triathlon

Bike 1:28:07 - This was a great time on the bike - fast and flat! I was using gears I never touch in San Francisco lol! I stayed aero, avg 90 rpm and never had to brake, except at the end when coming into the bike finish with cars on the road. The scenery was farms and grasslands and the empty nuclear reactors on the way back. Had 40 oz of water with Nuun, and 3 Gu gels in the carb flask with a dash of salt.

Run: 58:43 - A baking hot run, but I was able to power through it. I was hydrated and brought some Accelerade with me. Was hard to get much faster than 9min/mi pace. Felt a little bit of remnants from pushing on the bike midway through the run, but it went away after some easy shuffling. I liked the course and whenever I saw the lake felt like jumping in it. It was cool to run into another Water World Swimmer that recognized me on the last mile. I downed another 40 oz of water & electrolytes. Had a strong finish! Total time was 2:58:04, under 3 hrs = a PR!

Time: 2:58:04

What a great day! Jake did really well. I wish I had his finish time. I could never catch up to him because he had a head start of being in a different wave. The race was well organized, affordable and great location. Would do it again. The nice thing is they had Olympic / Sprint / Duathlon over the whole weekend so the whole family can participate. The Super Sprint is perfect for newbies and kids, and it was fun to watch. It was father's day and some kids were doing the tri with their dads or watching their moms race. This will be a great memory for them to cherish forever. Next time we are going to dress up as nuclear reactors and jump up and down screaming with cowbells which will make it even more of a memory for them.

Masters Women Shine at Sacramento International Triathlon


Week 6 - Alcatraz #4

S:2 B:87 R:7.7

Good mileage week (almost 100 miles), and swam Alcatraz to Aquatic Park this weekend. We jumped at slack tide so the currents were changing. There was a little chop but was very manageable and the water was very comfortable. I was swimming with first timers, but then lost sight of them in the swells. Would only see them sporadically. It was a pleasant swim, and I could focus on just swimming and sighting. In case of ebb, would have sighted on Jeremiah O Brien (the gray battleship), but it felt like it was flooding, so we were told to go for Fontana towers, then shifted to the Eureka (white ferry, or middle of the breakwall) then as I got close to the wall realized I was in a fast current, so sighted on Coit Tower and swam hard. Made to the opening in 35 minutes, and reached shore 7 minutes later. The other swimmers were already on shore with big smiles on their faces waiting for the others. These swims are a lot of fun. I have been on the boat several times for these crossings and have seen a variety of conditions, but you never really know what it's like until you jump in.

Getting ready to tri next weekend at Rancho Seco Lake and have some fun. Haven't swam in a lake in a long time.


Week 5 - Escape From Alcatraz

S:2.54 B:49 R:4.25

Did less than half of my training but had an epic week of ESCAPE mania with Water World Swim!

We cruised around on Joel's boat and repositioned swimmers that got carried off by the currents. Coach Edna was on the radio in contact with Coach Pedro and the captains and directing the boat to the needed locations. Coach George and Jake were on the kayak captains team, and it worked with the precision of a clock. If a swimmer needed aid, the kayak would get near them and had them hold on. Then they would put their paddles up to give the sign for rescue. A rescue boat would pick them up to escort them to medical. For repositions, Coach Joseph pulled them out and checked on them, many had problems with hyperventilation. Some were disoriented. I noticed many didn't wear layered or thermal swim caps. As they were on the boat we would talk to them to see their status and direct them where to swim. If they were alright we put them back in the water upstream of the beach. As the number of swimmers diminished the slow swimmers each had a kayak accompanying them to the beach. Many ended up at Chrissy field, a few ended up toward the Golden Gate Bridge, one got caught in the northward rip around the island. Hopefully next time they will take our class. It's been an amazing experience to be a part of this. I got to witness impressive teamwork in action of the San Francisco Bay aquatic community at it's best! Not to mention the great teamwork of Water World Swim!

WWS Blog

Now to rest and get ready for the next thing!

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