Week 5 - Escape From Alcatraz

S:2.54 B:49 R:4.25

Did less than half of my training but had an epic week of ESCAPE mania with Water World Swim!

We cruised around on Joel's boat and repositioned swimmers that got carried off by the currents. Coach Edna was on the radio in contact with Coach Pedro and the captains and directing the boat to the needed locations. Coach George and Jake were on the kayak captains team, and it worked with the precision of a clock. If a swimmer needed aid, the kayak would get near them and had them hold on. Then they would put their paddles up to give the sign for rescue. A rescue boat would pick them up to escort them to medical. For repositions, Coach Joseph pulled them out and checked on them, many had problems with hyperventilation. Some were disoriented. I noticed many didn't wear layered or thermal swim caps. As they were on the boat we would talk to them to see their status and direct them where to swim. If they were alright we put them back in the water upstream of the beach. As the number of swimmers diminished the slow swimmers each had a kayak accompanying them to the beach. Many ended up at Chrissy field, a few ended up toward the Golden Gate Bridge, one got caught in the northward rip around the island. Hopefully next time they will take our class. It's been an amazing experience to be a part of this. I got to witness impressive teamwork in action of the San Francisco Bay aquatic community at it's best! Not to mention the great teamwork of Water World Swim!

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Now to rest and get ready for the next thing!


The Green Girl said...

I love that you are such a giving and generous human being.

René said...

Thanks Green Girl! Most of the work was in getting swimmers acclimated before the race. Many had never swam in open water or currents. I appreciate the help given to me and passing it on just seems natural.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I am one of those swimmers and thanks to Rene's ongoing encouragement I was actually prepared for this race! Thanks Rene!

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