Week 6 - Alcatraz #4

S:2 B:87 R:7.7

Good mileage week (almost 100 miles), and swam Alcatraz to Aquatic Park this weekend. We jumped at slack tide so the currents were changing. There was a little chop but was very manageable and the water was very comfortable. I was swimming with first timers, but then lost sight of them in the swells. Would only see them sporadically. It was a pleasant swim, and I could focus on just swimming and sighting. In case of ebb, would have sighted on Jeremiah O Brien (the gray battleship), but it felt like it was flooding, so we were told to go for Fontana towers, then shifted to the Eureka (white ferry, or middle of the breakwall) then as I got close to the wall realized I was in a fast current, so sighted on Coit Tower and swam hard. Made to the opening in 35 minutes, and reached shore 7 minutes later. The other swimmers were already on shore with big smiles on their faces waiting for the others. These swims are a lot of fun. I have been on the boat several times for these crossings and have seen a variety of conditions, but you never really know what it's like until you jump in.

Getting ready to tri next weekend at Rancho Seco Lake and have some fun. Haven't swam in a lake in a long time.

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The Green Girl said...

Your swims always look so epic. I love it.

Thanks for being so supportive of my new cycling career. It's new and intimidating but I'm excited.

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