Week 4

S:2.52 B:82 R:22.75

The 4th week is a cutback week, but still over 100 miles total. 2 swims (1 pool, 1 open water), 3 runs (hills, track, and endurance) and a long bike ride in addition to bike commute miles. I'm feeling good about the track workouts. I'm already looking ahead past the next event to the fall marathons. I love running, and with the triathlon training haven't been running as much, but the mileage is climbing now. Excited!

Had a fun social ride this weekend with Kathleen and Gerard on Paradise Loop.

Paradise Loop July

Paradise Loop July

I met them swimming with Pedro. Kathleen applies her horseback riding skills to her bike well, and it's a challenge keeping up with Gerard the hill sprinter. Everyone has their own talent. Mine is taking pictures while riding a bike. ;-) It has been my goal to get that long bike ride in every Saturday this summer, and so far I've been able to find good company.

The other challenge I have overcome is doing the long run the next day after a long ride. What I did was start small, with 8 miles, and now I'm up to 12. After a one-mile swim, I eat & take a quick disco nap then go running before sunset. Had a peaceful fogset run on the Coastal Trail and Lands End. Coastal Bliss, Just what I needed.

On to week 5, where we will be changing the scenery a bit...


Week 3

S:2.11 B:110.69 R:19.5
Giant Mushroom Ride

These feel like long weeks with a lot of work to do, but I'm glad I have my workout routine to keep me going. It's giving me mental energy as well as physical energy to get through the day. The running is getting better and had a great track workout on Friday, with a fastest 400m ever.

Giant Mushroom RideThis weekend explored some other roads around NW Marin and saw a gigantic mushroom! It was a little foggy but that kept things cool and comfortable. Sunday was beautiful sunny day, and had a great morning at Aquatic Park, sleepy afternoon at Ocean Beach and a long run by Crissy field and watched the windsurfers fly up into the air. Added in a few hills on the ride and run this week and feeling it. Sad the weekend is over. Time to recharge for another week!


Week 2

S: 3.17 B:86 R:22.88

Have a great weekend! on TwitpicThis was a big week! It started with Fireworks, and by the end I was so tired I was falling asleep all over the place. 3 open water swims, a pool workout, CTS workouts on the bike, speedwork, brick and LSD for the run. It was a pretty good formula, and I felt like I stuck to the plan. This weekend helped out with Swim Around the Rock. It was great to see athletes from all over the states and the world participate in this. The best was to see the transformation of several of the swimmers that I know, when they started training for Alcatraz, then did a couple of crossings, then watch the light go off to do this event and train for it, then actually do it and cross the finish line! AMAZING!


Week 1

S:3 B:103 R:12

The Weekend is not complete without a Swim, Bike and Run!
Three Bears Ride

Starting off with higher mileage than the last cycle of training. Reading Hal Higdon's Run Fast again to pick up the pace.

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