Week 2

S: 3.17 B:86 R:22.88

Have a great weekend! on TwitpicThis was a big week! It started with Fireworks, and by the end I was so tired I was falling asleep all over the place. 3 open water swims, a pool workout, CTS workouts on the bike, speedwork, brick and LSD for the run. It was a pretty good formula, and I felt like I stuck to the plan. This weekend helped out with Swim Around the Rock. It was great to see athletes from all over the states and the world participate in this. The best was to see the transformation of several of the swimmers that I know, when they started training for Alcatraz, then did a couple of crossings, then watch the light go off to do this event and train for it, then actually do it and cross the finish line! AMAZING!

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fuzzbuzz said...

Inspiring as always! ;-) My 4th of July in SF with you will always go down as the best 4th of my life to date!

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