Week 3

S:2.11 B:110.69 R:19.5
Giant Mushroom Ride

These feel like long weeks with a lot of work to do, but I'm glad I have my workout routine to keep me going. It's giving me mental energy as well as physical energy to get through the day. The running is getting better and had a great track workout on Friday, with a fastest 400m ever.

Giant Mushroom RideThis weekend explored some other roads around NW Marin and saw a gigantic mushroom! It was a little foggy but that kept things cool and comfortable. Sunday was beautiful sunny day, and had a great morning at Aquatic Park, sleepy afternoon at Ocean Beach and a long run by Crissy field and watched the windsurfers fly up into the air. Added in a few hills on the ride and run this week and feeling it. Sad the weekend is over. Time to recharge for another week!

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fuzzbuzz said...

....and now another weekend is here! ENJOY! What a great mushroom!

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