Week 4

S:2.52 B:82 R:22.75

The 4th week is a cutback week, but still over 100 miles total. 2 swims (1 pool, 1 open water), 3 runs (hills, track, and endurance) and a long bike ride in addition to bike commute miles. I'm feeling good about the track workouts. I'm already looking ahead past the next event to the fall marathons. I love running, and with the triathlon training haven't been running as much, but the mileage is climbing now. Excited!

Had a fun social ride this weekend with Kathleen and Gerard on Paradise Loop.

Paradise Loop July

Paradise Loop July

I met them swimming with Pedro. Kathleen applies her horseback riding skills to her bike well, and it's a challenge keeping up with Gerard the hill sprinter. Everyone has their own talent. Mine is taking pictures while riding a bike. ;-) It has been my goal to get that long bike ride in every Saturday this summer, and so far I've been able to find good company.

The other challenge I have overcome is doing the long run the next day after a long ride. What I did was start small, with 8 miles, and now I'm up to 12. After a one-mile swim, I eat & take a quick disco nap then go running before sunset. Had a peaceful fogset run on the Coastal Trail and Lands End. Coastal Bliss, Just what I needed.

On to week 5, where we will be changing the scenery a bit...


Jo Lynn said...

I like your talent BEST - taking photos while riding. Who the hell sprints up hills? Pfft! ;)

René said...


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I loved riding with you and Gerard! A real treat getting to know you better. Let's do it again soon!

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