Week 5 - Nature Break

S:1.39 B:59 R:16

This was a great week, spent the weekend camping at Salt Point Sate Park. There are miles of trails here and nearby roads great for cycling! This place has a little bit of everything: rocky shores, prairies, foresty trails, and a lot of fog! Very peaceful.

Salt Point

Bike: Salt Point - Fort Ross Loop
I was really excited about doing the ride up to Seaview and to Fort Ross. I wanted to do a larger loop to Cazaderos and Jenner and back up Meyers Grade, but I took a wrong turn and am glad I did because it would have taken much longer than I had expected because of the hills. Even hiking and running took twice as long as expected. I will save that one for next time. The trails in Salt Point State Park are great for mountain biking. I did not have the right tires on my road bike so had to hike up the steep sections. Another fun ride would be from Seaview coming down through the park to Highway 1! The roads up on the ridge are nice and rolling and really fun coming down the 18% grades back to the scenic highway route. This was one of the best rides ever. The running was fun along Salt Point Trail. There are some nice singletrack trails close to the cliffs and lots of places to hike on the rocks and watch seals.

Exploring Gerstle Cove
Salt Point - Gerstle Cove
This was quite an experience, just to immerse myself and take a dip in the ocean. This is not a place for getting some mileage in, but just to stay in the cove and check out the marine life. It was hard to get out across the rocks, you kind of have to flop over it like a seal. If the tide was a little higher it would have been easier. Also, great place to get over your fear of seaweed. Lots of it. There were also a lot of jellyfish. I kept bumping into them. The water was warm.
Salt Point - Gerstle Cove
The beaches along the Sonoma Coast are pretty dangerous because of the rip currents and rocks with only a few places that are okay for swimming. The ranger recommended Bodega Dunes but dogs are not allowed there. There were lots of surfers at Miwok Beach.

It was foggy and damp in July so be prepared. Because of budget cuts, many of the bathroom facilities and surf shower was closed, so, I enjoyed taking a shower outdoors under a canopy of trees!

Only a few more weeks left until the Tri-California San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz!


Jo Lynn said...

PCTR has an event at Salt Point and I hear it is beautiful. It's just quite a drive from here. Maybe I should make an attempt to do that event. Beautiful pictures! ;)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You sure know how to have fun and adventure! Looks like a perfect weekend!

René said...

It was a perfect weekend! Jo Lynn, you should do it! The drive is very scenic. You just want to try to avoid rush hour by all means. Since it is a 3 hr drive I recommend turning it into a camping trip. Woodside campground!

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