Week 6

S:3.22 B:66.5 R:25

Looks like last month was the highest mileage month so far this year! Just wait until marathon training comes around. This was another good week, not only did I get my workouts in, but also helped out with the Water World Swim Alcatraz Touch and Go, which was fun! It's been amazing to watch people grow into open water swimmers at Water World Swim. Several months of steady, consistent training in the water can get you there!

I keep a spreadsheet of my training cycles and noticed something interesting. Both 8 week training cycles have a peak mileage at week 3, and then drop, then another climb at week 6. The mileage is a little higher, but the pattern is the same. What's not pictured is the peak intensity (more later on that). With more intensity, the tradeoff is often miles. With higher intensity workouts, hill training and a few long efforts what I noticed is that my speed and endurance is getting better. Hills that used to be walls are now manageable inclines. By the end of the week, I feel challenged by getting those long efforts in, and noticed they have become shorter now, but noticing this pattern gives me something to look at. Here is something else to look at:

The sun's rays slicing through the fog

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Julie said...

WHAT a fantastic picture!!

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