12 days until Mt. Tam! Ran 49 miles this week (681 this year), highest weekly mileage in ages! Also ran my fastest 12 miler ever, thanks to Hal Higdon's tried and true old school methods in Run Fast. This weeks 20 miler was 5 minutes faster than last week, so yes it does pay off to do more than one of these before race day. I had missed running long during tri-training and am now getting my fix, and still have another month of it! The target race is the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December. The Stinson Beach Marathon is going to be great hill training. Then I have a 10k and a 5k race to sharpen my pace up before then. I have seen a lot of sunsets and sunrises this week. Running life is good!

Just keep running



Run: 43.75 Swim: 2.6 Bike Commute: 40-50

It's been an amazing week of training. Couldn't ask for better weather this week! Spent a lot of time out on the bay witnessing the calmest, clearest, & warmest conditions ever! Here are some photos from earlier in the week as the full moon was setting and a radiant sun was rising:

The sun rise. How's that for consistency?

I can't think of a better place to be when the sun is rising in San Francisco! We also had a swim race under the Golden Gate Bridge, and a swim from Alcatraz. I made it in 45 minutes. After the Alcatraz swim I took a little dognap then did an evening 20 mile run. The first one in a long time! Only 18 days until Stinson Beach Marathon! The long runs are very important - I can feel the difference trying to run up hills after being on the feet for 18 miles at the end of the day. The knees feel a little sore. Good thing the recovery is quick. Ready for another week of training.

I let the intense track workouts go and just work on tempo and pace running as my mileage progresses. Instead of worrying about racking up mileage with all the short runs, concentrating on longer runs 12 miles or more. These longer runs are critical.
Also, I'm feeling a lot better emotionally as I've been able to work through the life changes with exercise, sweating out the tears. Being outdoors helps alot it has been so beautiful and boosts my spirits. Swimming in the bay is always awesome!


Alcatraz #6

October 2009. That was when I did my first Alcatraz swim with Water World Swim. It was a milestone for me because I was never a swimmer, and it was a whole transformation for me that changed my life forever, like running a marathon. The experience made me a stronger, more determined person, and brings a lot of joy and fun into my daily life. My other milestone with Alcatraz was to do the Triathlon, and see how much more I could do after the swim. Pushing myself a little farther, overcoming even more mental and physical hurdles. The sixth time was another milestone, doing a full crossing without the wetsuit 2 years later, and now I'm helping other people to accomplish their dream of swimming from Alcatraz. The funny thing is that the milestones never end, and each day swimming in the bay is different. I love it! I've met so many great people and been having a great time!

The swim itself was like swimming in a swimming pool. October is a great time to swim in the bay especially if you are a newbie. It was warm and humid outside, and the water was in the 60s. I jumped off the Codzilla and just tried to keep a steady pace going. My kayak pilot was very helpful as we were expecting the flood to kick in at any moment, so we aimed to Fort Mason, then to the Gashouse, then to the Towers, then to the Wedding Cake. Tracking Right to Left to be safe. My plan B was to swim around the wall if the current caught me, but the timing was just right and perfectly slack. It seemed like most people made it to shore in 35 minutes. It took me about 45 minutes. Didn't feel too cold once I got out. That was just what I needed! Thank you mother ocean!


Fall Running

Getting ready to tackle Mt. Tam for the Stinson Beach Marathon! Ran 41 miles last week and finally got a long run in. Have been enjoying the track, the trails, the hills and running! Life has it's ups and downs but whenever I can run I'm in my element. Last time I did Stinson Beach I got 3rd in my AG, even taking 5 hours to complete it. It will just be great to be out there on the trails! I think I went crazy and signed up for 3 races next month. Time to update all the PRs.


SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k

Run: 39 miles
Bike: 73 miles + plus bike commuting!

This was a great week of running, followed by an epic bike ride this weekend with the San Francisco Randonneurs.

SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k Ride After the ride, it would have been great to meet everyone but instead I collapsed on the grass under a tree, nearly passed out from sheer blissful exhaustion. I still want to do the full 200k to the lighthouse one day. After this long ride, I noticed small adjustments I'm going to make to my bike to make it more comfortable. It was good to swim in the bay the next day and ice everything down. I'm starting to feel refreshed for another week of training. Going to aim for 50 miles/week running so I can be ready for Mt. Tam.

October is here. When the seasons change, sometimes other changes come with it. I'm alright with change especially if it is change for the better. I'm going to stay focused on my goals and dreams and not let anything break my stride. Follow the legend of the two wolves.

Update: Came down with a cold and that broke my stride LOL!

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