Fall Running

Getting ready to tackle Mt. Tam for the Stinson Beach Marathon! Ran 41 miles last week and finally got a long run in. Have been enjoying the track, the trails, the hills and running! Life has it's ups and downs but whenever I can run I'm in my element. Last time I did Stinson Beach I got 3rd in my AG, even taking 5 hours to complete it. It will just be great to be out there on the trails! I think I went crazy and signed up for 3 races next month. Time to update all the PRs.


Jo Lynn said...

Elevation chart shows a couple of BIG hills. I'm sure there's even more than that shows.
I love that picture. ;)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

that is so awesome!!

JKjaer said...

Hi Rene,

I am sorry I am leaving a comment, I can't find your email. I am writing you in the hopes that you want to participate in an e-book we are writing about ultra runners.

We want to tap into the collective craziness (we mean that as a compliment:-)) of this community to challenge and inspire other people to make their own life an ever-greater creative expression of their own goals and dreams… without limits.

Progress so far: We have currently contacted more than 250 ultra runners and received more than 60 answers.

We would ask you to answer a question about your experience with ultra running.

If you'd like to participate please shoot me an email at dreamit@juliossol.com.


All the best,

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