SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k

Run: 39 miles
Bike: 73 miles + plus bike commuting!

This was a great week of running, followed by an epic bike ride this weekend with the San Francisco Randonneurs.

SFR Point Reyes Populaire 115k Ride After the ride, it would have been great to meet everyone but instead I collapsed on the grass under a tree, nearly passed out from sheer blissful exhaustion. I still want to do the full 200k to the lighthouse one day. After this long ride, I noticed small adjustments I'm going to make to my bike to make it more comfortable. It was good to swim in the bay the next day and ice everything down. I'm starting to feel refreshed for another week of training. Going to aim for 50 miles/week running so I can be ready for Mt. Tam.

October is here. When the seasons change, sometimes other changes come with it. I'm alright with change especially if it is change for the better. I'm going to stay focused on my goals and dreams and not let anything break my stride. Follow the legend of the two wolves.

Update: Came down with a cold and that broke my stride LOL!

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Jealous! Sounds like a perfect day!

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