Stinson Beach Marathon

Stinson Beach Marathon Stinson Beach Marathon Report: This was a really tough run, but full of scenic trails from beach, to ridge, to forest and repeat! The course felt alot harder than last time, because we went up and down into Muir Woods twice. After the first hour, my legs were already cramped and feet were hurting so it was a matter of making them shuffle along for the next 5 hours! The half marathon would have been enough but since I was looking for some hill and mental training I did the whole thing. Well worth the views! The continuous uphills were challenging. I just tried to concentrate on good form and steady pace, and kept fueling and hydrating. The aid station was well placed and well stocked and helpful volunteers. The Coastal Trail led us out onto the exposed ridge where it was windy, wet and cold. The trail was so narrow and uneven, with lots of rocks. I just tried not to roll my ankles. If you want a nice hike, the Dipsea trail from Stinson Beach is really gorgeous, but be prepared for lots of stairs! Thanks to all my friends who supported me on this race. The flat races will seem so easy after this!
Stinson Beach Marathon

weekly mileage: 42mi

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Congrats Rene!! You are awesome!

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