Tapering for the Marathon

Last long run before the Stinson Beach Marathon. Photo by fellow runner David.

I started tapering down after the second 20 miler. The trails took long to recover from, so took it easy this weekend with swimming and hiking. Spent some quiet time camped out in the Santa Cruz mountains. The trails here are awesome. One day I would love to do the Skyline to the Sea trail.

Big Basin Redwoods Capitola Wharf to Santa Cruz Wharf Swim

I had a big swim on Saturday with other Water World Swim coaches Jake, John and Kirk and swimmers Andrew, Les and Jeff. The support crew was awesome and I made some new friends. The swim is 6 miles from Capitola to Santa Cruz around Pleasure Point, which took about 3 hours. I only did a little bit of it then kayaked the rest of the way. We saw sea lions, dolphins, and a humpback whale! It was so memorable. Though it's shark season, it was so beautiful to be out there that I wasn't thinking about it. The weather was so nice, and we had so much fun picnicking on the beach afterward, it was like being in heaven.

The legs feel ready, looking forward to Mt. Tam!

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