Oakland Running Festival 5k

Oakland Running Festival

A fun day at the races! Best part: no rain! I biked and bussed to Lake Merritt and had plenty of time to check in my gear and warm up. I think I did alright in the 5k. 21:47, which is not a PR, but I fell into 5th place for the women. Running (and training for a) 5k for a time goal is hard. I showed up at the track once a week. I still have that sub 20 minute 5k waiting for me. The front runners were great and left a large gap. Kudos to the 10 year old kid that beat me also! I thought it would have been fun to do the half-marathon also after doing the 5k. Maybe next time.

I really enjoyed the event and watching all the races. I saw the 5k finish, and the top marathoners finish then went to cheer at the end near the Lululemon Cheering station (they had a DJ!). It was inspiring to see everyone achieving their goals and dreams, accomplishing their first race, time goal, or just doing it. That's one of the many joys of running. I got to meet some fun runners at the expo tweetup: ‪@paulettezf @4GFarms @PavementRunner @Janac @Miveganloca @LaylaBohm @runningcate @Critizzle and others not on twitter (I hope I didn't forget anyone) and see some dailymilers like @bemjb out there on the course. Overall, ORF was fun and it was a great way to welcome the spring season!

Oakland Running Festival

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