Presidio 10

Presidio 10
Presidio 10 mile: 1:13:39
2nd Place AG, 3rd Place Masters Division

This was a great run benefitting the Ashlyn Dyer foundation. I did much better than I thought I would do. Originally, I was going to sign up for the 10k, but my groupon was sold out. I looked at my McMillan running chart to see what my proposed outcome would be, and I scoffed "yeah right." Well, I ended up running EXACTLY what it said, with a difference of 2 seconds!!! The hill in the beginning was a great warmup - after that, I was able to keep a good pace going. I started off with my 5k pace (too fast) then finally a little slower than 5k pace, with some variance on the hills. I stopped at every aid station and drank the Gatorade. The last mile I got smoked by the winner in the age division. I could see her but could never catch up to her, she was alot faster. I think it helped that the fast people went to Boston Marathon this weekend. What I learned this time: Never doubt your capabilities. I had a great time.  I didn't win anything but I did get a yoga DVD and yoga mat sling at the Salvation Army tent spinning the Wheel of Fun and enjoyed the post-race goodies: coconut water, fruit, egg and cheese burritos, pop chips, & clif bars. 

You know what else my McMillan chart says? That I can BQ on the marathon distance. Really?!

Pre-race fuel: Teff Crepes
Teff Crepes

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