Week 3

Run: 32 mi
Bike: 68.5 mi

Long Run:

I went to see the new overlook for the Golden Gate Bridge, which turned 75 this weekend. 75 and still looking fabulous!

For the run I took some homemade energy gel, 50% blackstrap molasses, 25% honey and 25% maple syrup with a pinch of salt. In my water bottle, I started off with Accelerade (one scoop is enough) and kept topping it off. I felt a second wind at mile 14. That was after clearing all the hills, running in sand and jumping over sand dunes. The sand at Ocean Beach is over the wall now. It was very windy coming back on Great Highway toward the windmill, but nice tailwind coming back through GG Park. Was able to sprint through the Panhandle. Total elevation gain of the SFM course is around 1500 ft, so I'm getting my hills in.

Thanks to everyone who donated to Back on My Feet, one of the SF Marathon Charities I'm running for. It costs about $1800 to host one person for a year in the program. Please donate and/or join the team!

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