Week 7 - Video

Run: 42 miles (highest mileage week this year)

Here are some clips of the Presidio trails from my long run yesterday:

I'm training for the SF Marathon and to raise funds for Back on My Feet, a program that helps homeless people gain their independence back through running. I've been thinking alot about the concept of Home. Home can be a place where you feel at peace, content, one with the world, a place or state of mind. I don't own a home but I feel at home when I'm running on these trails. Maybe I just feel the "at home" feeling when I'm running anywhere. It's very healing!


Week 6 - Zombie Runner SF Run Half-Marathon & Scott Jurek Fun Run

Week 6: 30 miles

I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left until the SF Marathon! Training is going well. I'm 175 miles into my training and a little over 200 more to go! I have been putting races on my calendar to stay challenged and focused. It's fun and adds variety to the schedule. This weekend was the Zombie Runner SF Run Half-Marathon.
  Zombie Runner SF Run Half-Marathon

Zombie Runner SF Run Half-MarathonThis is one of the most scenic courses in San Francisco. It starts at Crissy Field with a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge, up onto the Coastal Trail along the Presidio, Baker Beach, Lands End, all the way to Sutro Baths and back. It was a warm morning so when you're running, that means you're baking. I cut back on the mileage this week so I could push the pace on this one. Practicing the progression run after the long run seems to help with the final sprint to the finish. The long run is done at 10% slower than your marathon pace. Take the last 30 minutes of the long run and divide it into 10 minute increments. Increase the speed by 10-20 seconds each time until you reach the end. More about progression runs >

Earlier in the week had a fun run with Ultrarunner Scott Jurek who is on tour for his book Eat and Run. How is that for motivation!
Fun Run with Scott Jurek

Spicy Mesclun

Trying to eat clean and keep the energy going. I harvested some tasty homegrown hydroponic lettuce and it was good!

I'm running to raise funds for Back on My Feet. Please join our team or donate and show your support for a great program! Check out their blog and read about the recent accomplishments of the residential and non-residential members.

Once you've made an investment in your health with time and sweat and start feeling good, there's no going back!


Week 5

Run: 40 mi
Bike: 48.85 (commute)

4 runs, with two pace runs: one tempo track run and one long run on the Coastal Bliss Loop. I been running on this route for the last 4 years.

View from Golden Gate Bridge
Sunrise at Alcatraz
Ocean Beach

On the long run, I tried to do a progression run at the end. Because it was a little hilly, it was more like a fartlek run. I had a recovery interval before doing the sprint at the end. I have 7 more weeks to practice this. I'm using paces from McMillan running calculator, which I've used before with good results. See more photos of the Coastal Trail.

Kezar Stadium
3200s at the track

Nutrition:  Trying to eat a salad everyday and lean proteins. I love tofu, legumes and quinoa, and I'm hooked on my chocolate soy hemp protein and banana smoothies.

I did crash my bike this week, but luckily am okay. The road was wet, I was going downhill kind of fast, and my front wheel lost traction on a small metal utility cover. I cracked my helmet and dinged my wrist, elbow and hip. I saw the white light for a split second but bounced up and carried my bike off the street quickly. No injuries. I'm glad I can still run. Two days later I ran 22 miles. It could have been worse. Before I die I want to give back, that's why I'm fundraising for nonprofit Back on My Feet. Please donate to our team!


DSE Coastal Trail Challenge 10k

DSE Coastal Trail Challenge 10k
Daily Mile says this is one of my top 5 most intense runs. I believe it. It was supposed to be a scaled back running week, but I threw down more mileage on the bike (oops).  It was a challenge to rest before the race. I was going in with a training run attitude but felt better after  a few minutes. This course is so scenic, it's like running in a postcard. DSE Runners puts on a great run. Recap

After the race went to volunteer at Sunday Streets, a total transformation of the urban landscape into a funtopia. There were so many kids practicing their bike skills, and lots of folks walking their dogs, many unusual custom bikes and bands. The smell of food wafted through the air and people rode by with ice cream cones in hand. It was so surreal to watch it all turn back over to the traffic.
Sunday Streets in the Mission

Overall a good week of training, and onwards we go...


Week 4:
Run 18 mi
Bike 98 mi
Total 116 mi

I am running on National Running Day for Team Back on My Feet. Please donate if you can!

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