DSE Coastal Trail Challenge 10k

DSE Coastal Trail Challenge 10k
Daily Mile says this is one of my top 5 most intense runs. I believe it. It was supposed to be a scaled back running week, but I threw down more mileage on the bike (oops).  It was a challenge to rest before the race. I was going in with a training run attitude but felt better after  a few minutes. This course is so scenic, it's like running in a postcard. DSE Runners puts on a great run. Recap

After the race went to volunteer at Sunday Streets, a total transformation of the urban landscape into a funtopia. There were so many kids practicing their bike skills, and lots of folks walking their dogs, many unusual custom bikes and bands. The smell of food wafted through the air and people rode by with ice cream cones in hand. It was so surreal to watch it all turn back over to the traffic.
Sunday Streets in the Mission

Overall a good week of training, and onwards we go...


Week 4:
Run 18 mi
Bike 98 mi
Total 116 mi

I am running on National Running Day for Team Back on My Feet. Please donate if you can!

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