Week 5

Run: 40 mi
Bike: 48.85 (commute)

4 runs, with two pace runs: one tempo track run and one long run on the Coastal Bliss Loop. I been running on this route for the last 4 years.

View from Golden Gate Bridge
Sunrise at Alcatraz
Ocean Beach

On the long run, I tried to do a progression run at the end. Because it was a little hilly, it was more like a fartlek run. I had a recovery interval before doing the sprint at the end. I have 7 more weeks to practice this. I'm using paces from McMillan running calculator, which I've used before with good results. See more photos of the Coastal Trail.

Kezar Stadium
3200s at the track

Nutrition:  Trying to eat a salad everyday and lean proteins. I love tofu, legumes and quinoa, and I'm hooked on my chocolate soy hemp protein and banana smoothies.

I did crash my bike this week, but luckily am okay. The road was wet, I was going downhill kind of fast, and my front wheel lost traction on a small metal utility cover. I cracked my helmet and dinged my wrist, elbow and hip. I saw the white light for a split second but bounced up and carried my bike off the street quickly. No injuries. I'm glad I can still run. Two days later I ran 22 miles. It could have been worse. Before I die I want to give back, that's why I'm fundraising for nonprofit Back on My Feet. Please donate to our team!


fuzzbuzz said...

Yikes sis,do be careful especially when its wet! So glad you'reok and fully confident you're a bad ass but "con cuidado" as Dad would say. Love you and GOOD LUCK!

cedarmaster said...

Holy Cow!!! Glad to see that you're okay. Way to bounce back. take care... Joseph

naomi said...

Nice mileage for the week!

The Coastal Bliss Loop looks amazing! What's the distance of it? The link didn't work - can you repost it? I'd love to check it out for myself sometime!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Congrats on the big mileage week and super happy to hear that you bounced back up after the crash. And did you name it the coastal bliss trail? That's awesome.

René said...

I've updated the link, it should work now. It's about 12 - 13 miles but you can add extensions for marathon training.

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