Week 10 - Taper Madness!

Run: 29
Taper madness is here! Only a few more days to donate to Team Back on My Feet and get your name on my race singlet! This image shows my marathon training mileage for the last 10 weeks, about 303 miles. I really felt it this weekend! I was so fatigued on the long run, even after starting to taper early. I never felt so awful on the long run before. The legs were really sore. I peaked out on week 7, and am  in maintenance and recovery mode. I felt so much better after eating bread, which I usually don't eat, and swimming in the bay. I had a teff porridge and carb drink in the morning and afterwards ate tons of good old San Francisco Sourdough at Boudin! In a carb-loading frenzy, I went straight to their factory and had some clam chowder in a bread bowl, watched how they make the bread and brought home a baguette! Sometimes you have to listen to your body and what it craves. How can you resist bread crafted into cute animal shapes?

Boudin Bakery

See you at the SF Marathon Tweetup! I'll bring some San Francisco Sourdough!

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