CIM Training Week 3

Another great week of steady training and building mileage on the track, hills and trails!

Sawyer Camp Trail I'm trying to mix it up and run on different terrain, so I biked to Cal Train and did my long run on Sawyer Camp Trail. It was really hot but there are lots of shaded areas and little scenic rest stops along the way.  This was perfect for a 12 miler, as the trail is 6 miles long. There are plenty of restrooms but the water stop is at the end of the trail on the north end, so plan to bring water and and a refillable container.  I brought my Ultimate Direction marathon belt/bottle which holds 24 oz of water with homemade gel, and 2 bottles of water on the bike which worked out fine. Pre-workout snack of PBJ sandwich on the train. It is a short 5 mile bike ride from the train station, and there are lots of places to eat on 4th street. On the Long Slow Distance, I just let my pace be what it is and enjoy the scenery. Later on in training I will worry about Goal Marathon Pace. It was a little chilly on the ride home as the sun went down. I guess I should have left a long sleeve t-shirt on my bike or something.

Weekly Run Mileage: 35 miles

Sunday was another fun day in the bay!
Touch and Go
Volunteering for the 6th Annual Water World Swim Alcatraz Touch n Go. This was a round-trip Alcatraz swim. Though foggy, otherwise great conditions! We used a big day-glo orange buoy off the side of the boat to pilot the swimmers to the turnaround location near the island. Everyone did great! The winner reached shore in just under an hour!

Time to enjoy the rest.


CIM Training Week 2

Added a few more miles this week and explored some different trails. Running is a great way to explore the city!

Here are some of the places I explored this week:

Strawberry Hill, the hill surrounded by Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park. Just run on any of the footbridges that lead into the center. There are also some nice trails around the Conservatory of Flowers and Fuchsia Dell. Here is a map showing some of the trails in Golden Gate Park (In GMap Pedometer, just click on the OSM button to see the trails).

George Sterling Memorial Park, named after the poet, is another good hill run. Lots of stairs and great view of Golden Gate Bridge. It is between Larkin and Hyde near the Aquatic Park.

Stevens Creek Trail is accessible by Cal Train, and provides several miles of bike and pedestrian paths unobstructed by traffic.


Weekend on the Bay - CIM Training Week 1

SF BayHad a great weekend on the SF Bay volunteering for swim events! The weather on both days was excellent and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival was also going on, need I say more. On Saturday, The SERC Alcatraz Invitational with 861 finishers to swim from Alcatraz. It was a very well organized event, the winner Peter Kline in 29:40. I helped with the bag check. On Sunday a beautiful Water World Swim Golden Gate Bridge Swim with 18 Swimmers. The conditions were so good that the WWS GGB record was broken by teen Hunter Wright in 22:32. I helped with the timing. There were only 3 women  participants so they all got awards! Their times were amazing. We then had our regular Sunday Swim and I got to kayak. There are lots of new wave swimmers in our group that are learning at a young age to become great swimmers. I didn't realize that the first week of my marathon training had already started, so I tried to squeeze some miles in on both days. It's 30 plus weeks from here on out!

Weekly total: 23 miles


Aquatic Park

photo by Lisa Amorao

The sun came out on Saturday for a beautiful swim at Aquatic Park. The currents were just right so Lisa and I ventured out to the opening to check out the view. There are several swim events coming up this month that I'll be volunteering on: SERC Alcatraz Invitational, WWS Golden Gate Bridge Swim and Alcatraz Touch and Go.

photo by Lisa Amorao

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