CIM Training Week 2

Added a few more miles this week and explored some different trails. Running is a great way to explore the city!

Here are some of the places I explored this week:

Strawberry Hill, the hill surrounded by Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park. Just run on any of the footbridges that lead into the center. There are also some nice trails around the Conservatory of Flowers and Fuchsia Dell. Here is a map showing some of the trails in Golden Gate Park (In GMap Pedometer, just click on the OSM button to see the trails).

George Sterling Memorial Park, named after the poet, is another good hill run. Lots of stairs and great view of Golden Gate Bridge. It is between Larkin and Hyde near the Aquatic Park.

Stevens Creek Trail is accessible by Cal Train, and provides several miles of bike and pedestrian paths unobstructed by traffic.


naomi said...

Where do you run? I need some new routes to explore.

René said...

Hi Naomi, I updated the blog post with some of the places I explored this week. Hope to add more next time.

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