CIM Training Week 8

Mt. Sutro from Lake Merced
Bumping up the mileage. Even though it's not as much as my training plan called for, I think that's all my legs called for. Hopefully this week I can peak out.


Hempseed Horchata

Hempseed Horchata   In my search for a whole foods alternative to a carb drink I can take running with me, I finally looked to my latin roots and realized horchata has everything I need. I gave it a little extra protein boost with the hempseed.

I love hempseed and hemp protein and eat it everyday. Can we please legalize hemp so I can grow my own?

Hempseed Horchata

1 cup of rice* cooked with cinnamon stick
1/3 cup hempseeds
4 cups water
1 TBSP powdered cinnamon
1 ripe banana or your favorite sweetener

Blend rice and hempseeds with a little bit of water in food processor until creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Serve chilled or warm.

*If worried about rice because of arsenic, then you can use oats. It depends on where the rice is grown. I've heard that white rice in California has the lowest levels in the U.S. and rice from India and Thailand rice is also safer. White rice has less than brown rice. The water in the Horchata dilutes the serving of rice.

New improved recipe:

Horchata Shortcut
This recipe uses Mochiko sweet rice flour, which is really pulverized rice powder used to make mochi. I put 1/2 cup of it with 2 cups water and simmer for 5 minutes with cinnamon. Add honey or your sweetener of choice. In a food processor, grind 3 T hempseeds with 1 cup water until smooth. Mix these together and make a nice carb drink for running. For long runs, you may want to add a pinch of salt. A banana adds potassium, or you can add coconut water. You can add spirulina and make a green horchata!


CIM Training Week 7

Andy Goldsworthy - Wood Line
Woodline by Andy Goldsworthy
This was a challenging week, having a late start on the miles means there is no room for flaking once the week starts running out. My long run was only 17 miles, I feel like an inchworm. I'm supposed to hit my 20 miler on week 9. If I add a mile and a half on the next LSDs I will get there.
I kind of like the 42 mile weeks that are structured like 6, 12, 6, 18. It would be ideal to do those every week. On the long run I packed my camelbak with homemade gels and a flavor pouch of pureed kiwi, date, coconut water & chia. I did break down and grab some pretzels at the gas station. I think that I need some starchy carbs, so will try some rice or potatoes next time. There are so many exciting races and events going on in the fall, but I'm just going to stay focused on CIM.


CIM Training Week 6

This was another solid week, with consecutive days of running. Took the homemade gels and coconut water with chia seeds on the long run, and it worked out great! I noticed I don't get as hungry early in the morning as I do in the afternoon runs. I found a pouch I can put pureed organic whole foods in called Little Green Pouch. Can't wait to try some running recipes! For post run recovery, I've switched over to hemp protein mixed with fruit. It can also be mixed in with almond butter for sandwiches.
Hemp Goddess Supreme Organic Protein Drink
Strawberry 3-2-2-1 Protein Shake

Little Green Pouch
The days are getting shorter, and the runs are getting longer!


CIM Training Week 5

That looks better. I finally got my mileage back up. This week is supposed to be an easy week, followed by 3 peak-building weeks.

I've been doing the homemade gels on the long run, but I got really hungry even after having pre-workout meal of quinoa and millet. I think next time I will bring a few dates and add the chia gel or hemp protein. Raisins also have energy and a little protein. Some people like to bring baby food. What do you like to eat on the long run?

I'm abandoning the store-bought stuff to avoid the GMO Soy protein isolates. There are a few trusted brands for endurance athletes that are non-GMO such as Clif, Vega, Hammer, and CORE foods. To find out more about GMO in our food, please visit California Right To Know.
10 Natural Race Food Alternatives



CIM Training Week 4

I missed the long run this week but I had a great time on a weekend getaway! The circumstances made it difficult to find a place to run for 2 and 1/2 hrs. Sometimes it's hard to balance running and quality time with loved ones, but on the other hand, I'm now more inspired and motivated by my personal life. Happiness!

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