CIM Training Week 5

That looks better. I finally got my mileage back up. This week is supposed to be an easy week, followed by 3 peak-building weeks.

I've been doing the homemade gels on the long run, but I got really hungry even after having pre-workout meal of quinoa and millet. I think next time I will bring a few dates and add the chia gel or hemp protein. Raisins also have energy and a little protein. Some people like to bring baby food. What do you like to eat on the long run?

I'm abandoning the store-bought stuff to avoid the GMO Soy protein isolates. There are a few trusted brands for endurance athletes that are non-GMO such as Clif, Vega, Hammer, and CORE foods. To find out more about GMO in our food, please visit California Right To Know.
10 Natural Race Food Alternatives



The Green Girl said...

My friend suggested sticking almonds inside dates as a snack. That might be an idea.

René said...

That sounds really good!

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