CIM Training Week 7

Andy Goldsworthy - Wood Line
Woodline by Andy Goldsworthy
This was a challenging week, having a late start on the miles means there is no room for flaking once the week starts running out. My long run was only 17 miles, I feel like an inchworm. I'm supposed to hit my 20 miler on week 9. If I add a mile and a half on the next LSDs I will get there.
I kind of like the 42 mile weeks that are structured like 6, 12, 6, 18. It would be ideal to do those every week. On the long run I packed my camelbak with homemade gels and a flavor pouch of pureed kiwi, date, coconut water & chia. I did break down and grab some pretzels at the gas station. I think that I need some starchy carbs, so will try some rice or potatoes next time. There are so many exciting races and events going on in the fall, but I'm just going to stay focused on CIM.

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