CIM Training Week 12 - Run Wild!

Run Wild
Run Wild - The annual fun run for the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Drive, helped get me out running again after being sick all week. Sometimes you need a cause to get you out there. I'm supposed to do a marathon next weekend. Ha! Most of the week I felt like my throat was in a vice and chills and aches, but feeling better now, especially after that run.

The course used to be at GGP but now it is at Crissy Field. I managed to speed up each mile and finish strong. I like 5ks, they are over pretty quick! I am going to try out the compression tights and see if they help the ongoing hamstring tightness. I feel like I only have a few more miles left in me this year then I need a little break.

Taper food:
Veggie Borscht


fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks for the motivation sis, I have a 5k this weekend and I'm sick now :P hoping it leaves in time for the race. I'll be slow but I'll get it done. HUGS!

René said...

You can do it!

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