CIM Training Week 9 - Apex

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid's Span

46.24 miles, I reached the peak! It was a good week of running back-to-back days, and this is the highest weekly mileage of the year. Last year I peaked out at 49 and the year before at 50. That is definitely my threshold. I think if I wanted to go farther, I would have to increase the daily runs of 10 miles a day for a while. This requires more of a time commitment! I did lose some weight this week alone just running 2 hours a day at night. According to the CIM training plan, I have 2 options now. I can taper now or extend the peak. I will have to wait to see how my legs feel.

 What helped me keep going were the Run4NYC and TwitterRoadRace .
The Clif Bar 2 mile challenge is happening now!

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