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My First 10 Marathons

For the last 5 years, I have been running 2 marathons a year. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at my first 10 marathons:

1. 8/3/08 San Francisco Marathon - 4:44:17
2. 10/19/08 Nike Women's Marathon - 4:40:06
3. 11/8/09 Stinson Beach Marathon - 5:00:25. 3rd in AG 
4. 12/6/09 Northface Endurance Challenge 50k - 7:42:18 (I know it's an ultra but I'm including it here)
5. 4/25/10 Big Sur International Marathon - 4:38:42
6. 7/25/10 San Francisco Marathon - 4:20:23
7. 11/5/11 Stinson Beach Marathon - 5:54:29
8. 12/4/11 Dallas White Rock Marathon - 4:09:43
9. 7/29/12 San Francisco Marathon - 3:58:40
10. 12/2/12 California International Marathon - 5:09:46

Things I learned:
Respect Mother NatureRespect HILLSHmm, I haven't done a full marathon on Mt. Diablo yetDon't wear brand new shoes on race dayTrail races are different than road races F.I.R.S.T. Training plan seemed to work for me (Run less, run faster)High mileage may not be my thing I…

California International Marathon

California International Marathon

This was the wettest marathon I've ever done! The roads were flooded, gusty winds, rain coming down in sheets! It was right in the middle of the storm, and the marathon started during the worst part of it. The best part is the warm sunshine broke through at the end, and everyone had a chance to dry off and enjoy the post-race bliss.

This was an easy race to get to by train. I took the Amtrak Capitol Corridor. It's $28 each way. They have a cafe with food on the train, and it's just a 2 hour trip. I stayed in Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, near the train station. The finish line and the expo at the Convention Center are walking distance and a bus picks you up at the hotel and takes you to the starting line. You do have to plan your breakfast ahead of time, as there is not much open at 4am (Great opportunity for food trucks)!

The fleet of school buses came to pick us up at our hotel at 5am. It seemed as if the entire hotel was booked up by marat…